LSA Student Government held their annual “Diag Day” Thursday to give students an opportunity to voice their concerns about the University.

Representatives from LSA SG set up a station on the Diag at which students were able to submit written complaints and express concerns to representatives that they would like to see addressed.

LSA freshman Caitlin Stewart, an SG representative, worked at the event and heard a wide variety of complaints from students.

“We’ve heard everything from getting more silverware in some of the dining halls to having a girls-only section in the CCRB,” Stewart said. “We’ve also heard complaints that the Fish Bowl is too cold.”

The Student Life Committee is responsible for addressing the various concerns students voice at the University. Public Policy junior Hilary Forrest, SLC chairwoman, said LSA SG started holding Diag Day five years ago after working to gather all the complaints they received from LSA.

“It started with the creation of the e-mail account, where students could send emails about things they didn’t like so much here at the University,” Forrest said.

From there, Diag Day was created to further publicize the creation of the e-mail account, as well as to give students an opportunity to discuss their concerns in person.

Based on the comments LSA SG received Thursday, Forrest said students seemed to be concerned about the condition of the facilities at the University, ranging from getting more printers in the UGLi, to having more bike racks installed around campus. Committee members already have an idea of how they’ll address some of these concerns in the future.

“We plan to serve as a liaison for the students, and to work to set up meetings with appropriate administration to bring these concerns to their attention,” Forrest said. “For instance, regarding having more printers in the UGLi, we’ll work with ITS to see what we can do to get more printers for students.”

The Student Life Committee also plans to meet Oct. 14 to read through all the concerns they received in detail and develop a plan to address them.

Overall, Forrest said the committee hopes that Diag Day and the promotion of the e-mail account will let students know they have a forum they can use to safely express their opinions.

“We want students to know that they have an outlet they can use to voice their concerns, and that they have a committee that is working hard to make sure they can maximize their college experiences.”

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