Eighteen ambitious LSA Student Government candidates have been campaigning in full force for almost two weeks with the desire to gain year-long positions on the University’s largest college student government.

This semester, all LSA-SG candidates are first- or second-year students – only one candidate is running for re-election.

During their terms, candidates must attend time-consuming weekly meetings to work for concerns and needs of LSA students.

Unlike other elections, only the Blue and Students First parties have candidates for the nine spots available. Both parties have candidates competing for each spot on the government.

Freshman Blue Party candidate Matt Williams, who currently serves as an appointed LSA-SG representative, decided to run for a position because he’s “been involved in government since the third grade” and wanted to continue at the University.

Blue Party campaign issues include improving Wolverine Access hours, improving the quality of LSA academic advising and rescheduling the Pass/Fail and Drop/Add deadlines.

The Blue Party “came up with the platform together,” Williams said. He thinks the Blue Party’s issues “are the best things we could do for the students.”

Students First sophomore Dante Ianni, the only candidate running for re-election, enjoyed “working on financial aid reform” as an LSA-SG representative and wants to continue his work.

“A lot of (LSA-SG) members are working on it,” Ianni said.

Ianni chose to run with Students First because the “party is more based on diversity. They focus on issues that affect students more deeply.”

Students First campaign foci include creating forums for students to discuss concerns about the University with administrators and establishing consistency in GSI grading.

Students First freshman Stacie Perez expressed optimism in both LSA-SG and her party.

“I believe running with Students First is an excellent opportunity to get things done in student government,” Perez said.

“Our goal is for the students to come to us … and make Michigan life the best it can be.”

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