LSA Student Government celebrated seniors on Ingalls Mall Monday morning with free food, games on the Diag and a speech by Golden Apple-winning Statistics Lecturer Brenda Gunderson.

Designed to honor graduating LSA seniors, the event also provided resources as they transition into their new roles as alums. LSA’s marketing department also provided resources detailing how to join the Dean’s Young Alumni Council and stay connected to LSA after graduation.

LSA senior Corey Walsh, event organizer and former LSA Student Government vice president, said the event was created to instill the value of liberal arts degrees in graduating seniors one last time.

“We just thought it was important that seniors, as they’re exiting the University, have some type of large-scale capstone event to leave seniors feeling some sort of unity with the college of LSA, so that whenever they graduate they can become active alumni,” he said.

The idea for Senior Celebration began last summer, but all of the details were put into place over the past two months.

LSA junior Jason Colella, LSA Student Government president said there have been various attempts to hold a senior celebration in the past that never seemed to catch on.

“We are sort of trying to revive it, restart it, to really foster a sense of LSA pride,” Colella said.

He added that other students tend to feel more attached to their colleges after graduating, which he said isn’t necessarily the case with LSA alumni.

Gunderson said the decision to present a speech for graduating LSA seniors was an easy one.

“Being able to congratulate them and send them off and tell them they’re already amazing and they’ll continue to be, how could I not have an opportunity to say that?” she said.

Gunderson said she hopes graduates realize they won’t be alone, and that they will have access to a wide array of alumni resources.

She also emphasized the importance of the LSA community to the college experience.

“You are not just handed knowledge,” Gunderson said. “You work with lots of other people and created that knowledge.”

Furthermore, she said the seniors’ LSA educations have provided various ways to think and observe the world, which will enable them to solve complex problems in real-life situations, no matter where they go or what career path they take.

LSA senior Sarah Lopez said the senior celebration was a good way to recognize the senior class’s achievements.

“It’s a nice reward for being a senior and celebratory preparing for graduation a few weeks away,” she said.

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