The polls are closed and the ballots are counted. Central Student Government has officially filled four of seven soon to be vacant seats with new representatives; the remaining three winners have yet to be confirmed.

The competitive action centered on two seats for LSA representative, which was contested by four candidates. Tyler Mesman and Pavitra Abrahah, running on the forUM ticket, won both seats by garnering over half of the 965 LSA votes.

Two other candidates for LSA representative — one running as an independent, the other on the Defend Affirmative Action Party ticket — came within a single vote of each other.

Four other seats — two for Rackham, one for the School of Information and one for the School of Public Health — were uncontested on the ballot.

Public Health graduate student, Bushra Abbas, the single candidate and winner of the School of Public Health seat, notified election director Bryson Nitta at 6 p.m. Thursday that he would be dropping out of the race. However, because Abbas won the seat and withdrew within eight days of the election, he couldn’t be taken off the ballot in accordance with the CSG compiled code.

In place of Abbas, the School of Public Health will pick a replacement representative.

Rae Scevers and Samuel Molnar won two of three Rackham representative seats for the Defend Affirmative Action Party ticket. Scevers and Molnar amassed 96 and 95 votes respectively. The third seat was won by Paul Boswell, who acquired 14 write-in votes.

Xi Huang won the single School of Information seat with two total votes, one more vote than at least eight candidates tied for second place.

LSA had 960 unique voters, a 5.6 percent turnout; Rackham had 170 voters, a two percent turnout; the School of Information 20 voters, a 5.1 percent turnout, and the School of Public Health 35 voters, a 5.4 percent turnout.

Nitta said there were no major election code violation complaints so far. There are still 18 hours to file any last minute grievances.

LSA Student Government Representative Elections

The LSA Student Government elections — the representative elections concerning the second largest student government on campus — took place over the same two days as the CSG elections.

Although 26 candidates were originally listed on the voting ballot for the 10 available positions, by the time polls had opened, only 18 candidates remained.

“We had an unprecedented number of candidates this semester and we also had a large number of candidates who were new members,” LSA junior Kendall Johnson, LSA-SG election director, said. “A lot of them were slightly overwhelmed by the large number of candidates; it wasn’t anything wrong with the election process.”

Candidates who did not attend the Candidates Forum on Sunday did not have their names included on the ballot, as per a new bylaw passed by LSA-SG. If they desired, the candidates were still eligible to campaign and run as write-in candidates.

An approximately equal number of voters casted their votes for LSA-SG and CSG LSA representative seats, Johnson said. The winter 2013 elections garnered a total number of 4,055 student body votes for LSA representative seats.

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