At a time when teen movies are coming out weekly, all the while decreasing in originality and wittiness, here is “Another.” However, “Not Another Teen Movie” has a bit of a twist to it, in that it knows it is not original it does not try to be. In fact it tries its hardest to be the least original movie out there while at the same time making fun and ripping off of every single teen movie that ever existed.

“Not Another Teen Movie” follows the same structure that “Scary Movie” did with its spoof of horror movies. It uses “She”s All That” as the base movie and then blends together a smorgasbord of random scenes and parodies from an array of other films. If you were to list all the movies it pokes fun of and mocks, you would probably come up with a list of at least 20 movies ranging from the classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles” to more recent ones like “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Cruel Intentions.”

One could not go so far as to say this movie never cracked a good joke or hit one of its many parodies right on the mark, because it did more than once. There is a great scene making fun of “She”s All That” where three guys wander around their school trying to pick out the ugliest girl to transform into the prom queen. They spot all of these deformed individuals such as a hunchback, an albino hippie, and a set of twins that are connected at their heads and claim they would all be too easy a mark. Suddenly they see Janey Briggs, who is obviously beautiful but they decide she is the right girl since she has glasses, wears a ponytail and, lest we forget, constantly has paint on her overalls (please note this is all very heavy on sarcasm).

For every good laugh in “Not Another Teen Movie,” there are probably three other places where all you wanted to do was groan. For instance, there is a dreadful scene involving a girl going to the bathroom with a few onlookers (a movie such as this would not be complete without at least one mention of bathroom humor).

The main problem with a movie such as this is that since the whole basis for the film is making fun of other movies, they never seem to know when to end a joke. They drag them out until they aren”t funny anymore, and many of them were not even all that funny in the first place.

One good example would be the foreign exchange student who is the obvious parody of Shannon Elizabeth”s character in “American Pie.” Her name is Areola, and the first time we see her she is naked. Sure, it was a little stupid but it was also comical considering that was its point. The problem is that good old Areola is naked for the rest of the movie. At that point, the joke is not funny anymore and simply seems degrading and in very poor taste.

All-in-all, “Not Another Teen Movie” is just what it says it is not: another teen movie. For anyone who has seen all the movies this film shadows, and is not expecting too much, that viewer will probably share a few laughs and yet find still find this movie is fairly forgettable.

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