Ann Arbor”s favorite punk band since Varsity is back with a self-titled album that takes on the world in just nine songs and 25 minutes. Heartfelt and full of unpolished emotion, Lovesick”s songs nearly burst with their own enthusiasm they”re the musical version of shaking up a Coke bottle and waiting for it to explode.

Paul Wong
Malkmus paves the way for The Jicks.<br><br>Courtesy of Matador Records

Like many punk bands, Lovesick cannot be fully experienced in a recording. Their visceral and visual elements must be experienced in order to fully appreciate their music. While Lovesick approximates their fast, punch-in-the-gut punk/hardcore songs well enough, it seems almost flat compared to their live shows. One element that is sorely missed on Lovesick is the charming soliloquies and spontaneous outpourings of thought from singer/drummer Fred before each number, or as someone else put it, “taking four minutes to introduce a two-minute song.”

That said, the album has many highlights, including “Drumtaut,” an eerie piece featuring spoken, lamenting female vocals over a background of dreamy shards of chords.

Lovesick”s recording doesn”t quite do their true musical talents justice, but it does serve as a nice reminder to do yourself a favor and get your ass out to one of their shows before they break up. Lovesick”s last show is Friday at the Halfway Inn in Ann Arbor.

Grade: B+

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