Going into “Angel Eyes,” one is unsure as to what they”ll be watching all the previews for the movie were vague. After 45 minutes, it was still unclear where the movie was going. However, this does not mean the movie was unenjoyable. “Angel Eyes” was simply a movie that took time in setting up a mysterious plot and was careful (sometimes too careful) not to reveal anything too soon.

Paul Wong
Kiss me, you fool … I am J.Lo!<br><br>Courtesy of Warner Bros

“Angel Eyes” revolves around Sharon (Jennifer Lopez), a tough cop who is a bit of a loner. In a near-death experience for Sharon, a mysterious man named Catch (James Caviezel from “Frequency”) comes onto the scene and saves her.

The two have an instant, inexplicable attraction for one another, but there”s a hitch: Catch doesn”t like to reveal anything to Sharon about his life. All she knows is that he lives in an empty apartment and wanders the streets daily. Being a cop, Sharon can”t quite deal with his secrecy, yet she is still intrigued with Catch.

There is a lot going on in “Angel Eyes.” There are numerous stories playing out all at once, but the movie never gets too complicated.

Lopez is great in this movie. Having played a tough cop once before in “Out of Sight” she must have been used to the routine, but she managed to spice up the role and give the character in “Angel Eyes” a lot more dimension. Lopez can be the tough cop and vulnerable woman in the same scene and pull it off very convincingly.

Caviezel is a good-looking guy who wore nice-looking clothes, yet put little effort into the rest of his appearance. His hair was always hanging in his eyes and looked like it had not been washed for several days and his face was continually unshaven and seemingly sweaty. At one point when he and Lopez were having a “moment” I wanted him to jump in the shower first because he looked too grimy. It goes without saying that this was a bit of a mood killer, at least for me.

Other than that, the chemistry between Lopez and Caviezel, which is key to the whole movie, was totally believable. Bad chemistry between two actors who are supposed to be falling for each other is the worst flaw you can have in a romantic movie. It sounds like a simple point, but it is surprising how many movies overlook this (Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson in “What Women Want” is a perfect example).

“Angel Eyes” is not without its imperfections. At times, the plot seems unrealistic. The many mysteries in the movie also tend to go a little too far on occasion and then do not always wrap themselves up in the end, which is frustrating.

“Angel Eyes” has some other minor flaws that seem to recur, such as Caviezel”s shaggy appearance. There is also a scene where Catch gets in the car with Sharon and appears to be quite nervous explaining that he doesn”t like to drive in cars. However, during the entire car ride, Catch never puts on his seatbelt. Tell me, if you were nervous about driving in cars, wouldn”t you wear your seatbelt?

In the end, I”d have to say that “Angel Eyes” is a very good and original movie. It is a romance but without any of the normal romantic touches that seem clich and tend to make movies boring. Instead of comedy being the backdrop for the relationship between Lopez and Caviezel, there was mystery. Most people will say that “Angel Eyes” is a dark movie, and it is. At the same time, it is surprisingly fresh and invigorating.

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