Name: Ron English

Education: University of California (1991 Bachelor); Arizona State University (1995 Masters)

Experience: Graduate assistant, Arizona State (1994-95); Outside linebackers coach, Northern Arizona (1996); Secondary coach, San Diego State (1996-97); Secondary coach, Arizona State (1997-2002); Secondary coach, Michigan (2002-05); Defensive coordinator, Michigan (2006-present).

Why he’ll get it: In his first season as defensive coordinator, English reenergized a Michigan defense that cost the team a few games a year earlier and turned it into one of the nation’s best. Plus, his players like him, and Michigan gets to hire in-house.

Why he won’t: His defense collapsed against Ohio State and Southern Cal last season and didn’t look much better in a few games this year (Appalachian State and Oregon, for example). Also at just 39 years old, English has no head coaching experience.

Name: Mike DeBord

Education: Manchester College (1978)

Experience: Franklin College (1982-83); Assistant coach, Fort Hayes (1984-86); Assistant coach, Eastern Illinois (1987-88); Assistant coach, Ball State (1989); Assistant coach, Colorado State (1990-91); Assistant coach, Northwestern (1992); Tight end/offensive line coach, Michigan (1992-94); Assistant head coach, Michigan (1995-96); Offensive coordinator/tight end coach, Michigan (1997-99); Head coach, Central Michigan (2000-03); Special teams coach, Michigan (2004-05); Offensive coordinator, Michigan (2006-07).

Why he’ll get it: One of the more experienced candidates, DeBord has spent time as a head coach. Also, like English, Michigan gets to hire in-house, increasing the chances of retaining assistants and recruits.

Why he won’t: Ironically, his experience as head coach. DeBord went just 12-34 before resigning from Central Michigan. In addition, hiring DeBord wouldn’t exactly satisfy critics who say the program needs a boost.

Name: Mike Trgovac

Education: Michigan (1981)
Experience: Graduate assistant, Michigan (1984-85); Defensive line coach, Ball State (1986-88); Defensive line coach, Navy (1989); Defensive line coach Colorado State (1990-91); Defensive line coach, Notre Dame (1992-94); Defensive line coach, Philadelphia Eagles (1995-98); Defensive line coach, Green Bay Packers (1999); Defensive line coach, Washington Redskins (2000-01); Defensive coordinator, Carolina Panthers (2002-present).

Why he’ll get it: A Michigan player and graduate assistant, Trgovac is familiar with the program. He’s also been a highly successful assistant coach.

Why he won’t: Like English, Trgovac has no head coaching experience. And he hasn’t coached in college since leaving Notre Dame in 1994.

Name: Cam Cameron

Education: Indiana (1983)
Experience: Graduate assistant, Michigan (1983-84); Quarterbacks coach, Michigan (1985-93); Quarterbacks coach, Washington Redskins (1994-96); Head coach, Indiana (1997-2001); Offensive coordinator, Sand Diego Chargers (2002-06); Head coach, Miami Dolphins (2007-present).

Why he’ll get it: A former Michigan assistant, Cameron was in the running for the Wolverine head-coaching job when Carr got it in 1995. And for Michigan fans looking for a thrill, Cameron proved his offensive genius as the Chargers’s offensive coordinator, engineering one of the most potent attacks in the NFL.

Why he won’t: Cameron has had little success as a head coach. He went 18-37 with Indiana, and his Dolphins team is currently 0-11.

Name: Greg Schiano

Education: Bucknell (1988)

Experience: Graduate assistant, Rutgers (1989); Graduate assistant, Penn State (1990); Secondary coach, Penn State (1991-95); Defensive assistant, Chicago Bears (1996-97); Secondary coach, Chicago Bears (1998); Defensive coordinator, University of Miami (1999-2000); Head coach, Rutgers (2000-present).

Why he’ll get it: Schiano has proven his skills as a head coach, turning a terrible Rutgers team into one of the best in the Big East.

Why he won’t: Rutgers loves him, and he loves Rutgers. Penn State is the only other job likely to interest Schiano.

Name: Jeff Tedford

Education: Fresno State (1983)

Experience: Assistant, Calgary Stampeders (1988-91); Quarterbacks coach, Fresno State (1992-97); Offensive coordinator, Oregon (1998-2001); Head coach, California (2002-present).

Why he’ll get it: Tedford turned a California team coming off its worst season ever into a plus-.500 team in his first year, and hasn’t stopped winning since.

Why he won’t: After reaching No. 2 in the polls, this year’s team has folded, losing five of its last six games. Also, there’s no reason to believe he actually wants the Michigan job.

Others: Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, etc.

Why they’ll get it: Seriously, you need to ask?

Why they won’t: Seriously, you need to ask?

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