If you’re prone to complaining about the freezing-cold trek across the Diag, just remember: it could be wrose.

Phillip Kurdunowicz
The Northwood IV Apartments on North Campus are part of the on-campus housing complex that is farthest away from the Diag on Central Campus (ROB MIGRIN/DAILY)

Northwood Apartments, the farthest University dorm from Central Campus at 2.87 miles from the Diag. might seem like the Siberia of University housing.

Located on North Campus, the apartments span 1.5 million square feet of University property. They are comprised of 5 housing structures with over 1,483 apartments.

Construction on the apartments began in 1955 to fill a need for graduate and family housing. The 3,777 residents of Northwood Apartments come from all 50 states and over 80 countries.

Northwood I, II, IV and V are comprised of graduate students, undergraduate students with families, Ph.D. candidates in the process of writing their dissertation, faculty and visiting faculty. Families can include parents and grandparents.

Northwood III specifically houses undergraduate students interested in apartment-style living. Apartment sizes range from efficiencies to three-bedrooms.

Transportation from North Campus to Central Campus, and vice versus, can at times be a nightmare for many. Weather conditions and traffic have been known to slow or stop students from reaching their classes.

Northwood has many resources unique to the area and its residence. The North Campus Family Health Services are located in the Northwood II area, and provides health care for children as well as their parents and students. The Northwood Community Center houses The Child Development Center and the English Language Center.

The Child Development Center provides childcare for student parents. The importance of the language classes is seem in the number of international students who reside in the community in comparison to other areas of campus.

10 percent of University residences are International students. 62 percent of Northwood residents are International students.

“It’s really a vibrant community,” said Housing Spokesman Peter Logan.

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