People are often complain about living in Michigan. Some may retort, “Well, at least I am not stuck sniffing glue in Ohio.” But it seems that there are other things going on besides huffing and pollution with our neighbors to the south. Spawned from a fascination with murder, dead girls and probably boredom, Lollipop Lust Kill has emerged from the Toledo scene as a dominant force in the darker side of psychadelic metal. Their new album, My So Called Knife, holds its own in the context of the greater sea of this fall’s heavier rock contenders, and if singer Evvy Pedder’s serenades concerning torture and necrophillia aren’t enough to compel one to stop by and listen to these boys as they ready themselves for stardom, then certainly their clever stage outfits are.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Murder Rock Records
As bad as they want to be.

The Michigan Daily: What have you been doing lately?

Pill: We have been driving around in a van.

D. Human: Yeah we have a van. We don’t have a bus – we have a van. Our suits stink, we drive a van and we are on an independent label. We are more punk rock than most punk rock bands.

TMD: Do you ever think the road is depressing?

Evvy Pedder: I feel at home. I don’t want to go home. I want to stay on the road. I like it.

TMD: What kinds of things do you do to pass the time?

Pill: Sleep, pass the time, it’s really a simple life.

EP: Drink Nyquil.

D. Human: Hang out at the venues. We do this.

TMD: What movies do you watch?

D. Human: I fall asleep during movies a lot unless I’m awake.

TMD: Where did you get your stage outfits from? They are fantastic.

EP: We got our suits from this cool-ass suit shop that specializes in all these freaky suits. And we saw those suits and we figured they were cool.

TMD: Would you say you are more lollipop, lust or kill?

Pill: More kill.

TMD: Then where does the lollipop come in?

EP: Sugar-coated sex and death. That’s what the name stands for.

Pill: Have you ever heard of people wanting ugly sex and death? No, they like something pretty.

D. Human: Sweet and innocent on the outside and then dark and sinister on the inside

EP: Its kind of like an evil M&M.

TMD: The album: What do you have to say for yourselves?

D. Human: We said it already, on the album

EP: I don’t know what is there to say about the album. It’s called My So Called Knife. It’s dark; it’s mean.

TMD: Well, would you rather be bludgeoned to death with a large lollipop or stabbed to death with a small butter knife?

D. Human: Bludgeoned to death.

EP: How big of a lollipop?

TMD: Oh, it would have to be a very large lollipop.

EP: Oh, um … I’d rather be bludgeoned with a large lollipop. I want to die fast.

Pill: Stabbed.

EP: You get stabbed, dude, you’re going to die slow.

Pill: You get bludgeoned, you’re going to die painfully.

D. Human: If you get hit hard enough in the head, you are going to be knocked out.

Pill: Oh – lollipop then.

TMD: Do you view the bands that you share nights with as competition?

D. Human: Oh yeah. Fuck the art. There is no art. We’re in battle here. We have to fight. There are lines drawn here every day we have to fight. We are the underdog. We let the music speak for itself.

TMD: Do you feel like you are going somewhere fast?

Pill: No, we are going somewhere steadily.

EP: I refuse to answer such a retarded question

TMD: Why did you guys cover “Personal Jesus?”

EP: We tried out like fifty cover songs, and it took us years to come up with one where everyone was like, “yeah cool.” So we kept it.

Pill: Because it’s socially acceptable to do cover songs.

TMD: How do you feel that Gravity Kills covers it too?

Pill: We don’t care.

EP: We decided to do it way before we even knew they did it, and their version sucks.

TMD: If you could eliminate people from the music scene who would it be?

D. Human: I’d take the whole radio, every one on the radio, and just wipe it. Good bye.

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