For those who still think of brass players as the epitome of the high school band geek, Music sophomore Joey Dosik has another idea. According to him, “The saxophone is a hip-ass instrument.” Those who hear him play would agree.

Andrew Skidmore
Joey Dosik will perform with his quartet tonight at Canterbury House. (LLOYD CARGO/Daily)

Dosik, who hails from Los Angeles, got his start playing piano before switching to saxophone in the third grade. After finding a good teacher and absorbing large quantities of Coltrane, it wasn’t long before Dosik was blowing along with some of the world’s top musicians – Arthur Blythe, Nels Cline, Henry Grimes, Ndugu Chancler and Azar Lawrence, to name a few.

“Initially, it just felt good to blow air and speak with it,” Dosik said. “But eventually, it began to feel more like an extension of my body.”

After arriving at the University last year, Joey sought out fellow musicians to form a quartet, which came to include Music junior Matt Endahl on the piano and Music senior Chad Hochberg on drums. After a year of playing together, local bass extraordinaire and Music senior Andrew Kratzat stepped into the picture, providing the firm foundation they needed. “Andy’s probably too humble to admit it, but he really gives us our sense of definition as a group,” Dosik said.

That kind of unity and sincere respect for one another is a trait that distinguishes the quartet from other groups. “When I’m playing with these guys, it’s like being able to jump off a cliff and have no fear. They’re my safety net.”

Besides providing a flexible framework, the other members are accomplished musicians in their own right. From fronting avant-garde acts to displays of individual virtuosity, this rhythm section is composed of some of the best talent Ann Arbor has to offer.

“We want to be able to play anything,” said Dosik, in reference to the group’s diverse repertoire. Whether soulful selections like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” or the more atmospheric world of Radiohead and Bj

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