5 – Alternatives to Pitchfork — Since Pitchforkmedia.com’s steady decline has turned into an all-out nosedive, fans must look elsewhere for indie-rock news and reviews. Check out the quality writing at indieworkshop.com (where you can, uh, read some of my work. Shameless, I know); junkmedia.org, whose layout puts The Fork’s recent redesign to shame; or my personal favorite, stylusmagazine.com, whose feature articles shit all over Schreiber & Co.’s lame attempt to increase content.

4 – Fader Magazine — I recently picked up an issue of this fine publication and was blown away by how much awesome I got for $5.99. There’s a feature on Swedish psych-rock phenomenon Dungen and a piece on NORE’s reggaeton shotblast that details, among other things, how to “hustle and hustle and how to fight and shoot and kill.” Also, it comes with a LeBron James poster — what more could you possibly want?

3 – Albert Ayler — Albert Ayler and his music are currently dominating my life. The recent revenant box set Holy Ghost, makes clear what Albert was saying when he philosophized, “Trane is the father, Pharoah is the son, and I am the holy ghost.” The 10 discs of rare and unreleased material, including the heavily anticipated recording of Ayler’s quartet playing at Trane’s funeral, are downright aural sex.

2 – Philly sports — Despite the fact that Donovan McNabb shit his pants in this year’s Super Bowl, I’m confident his newly gained experience will lead my Iggles to victory in Detroit next year. One bright spot in the doom and gloom of Sunday’s game was TO’s performance, proving all those doubters wrong … even if he didn’t deliver one of his trademark endzone celebrations.

1 – Malcolm X — Feb. 21 will be the 40th anniversary of Malcolm’s assassination; his words reverberate now as much as ever. I just finished his autobiography — it ought to be required reading in every high school in America. Malcolm’s message has opened my eyes and had more impact on my personal philosophy than any other book ever has.


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