The Michigan men’s basketball team kicks off the Holiday break with a nightcap against the Coppin State Eagles (they’re from Baltimore, by the way). The Wolverines are coming off an 11-point loss at No. 1 Kansas, while the Eagles are fresh off a 26-point woodshed beating at No. 6 West Virginia.

Coppin State (5-4) features three guards scoring in double-digits this season (Lenny Young, Kareem Brown and Vince Goldsberry), but their offense collectively has been putrid this fall. The team is shooting 39 percent through 9 games, and has 125 turnovers compared to just 85 assists. As bad of a funk as Michigan has been in this season, expect a ‘W.’

Michigan is going with the same starting lineup as against Kansas – Stu Douglass at the point, Laval Lucas-Perry, Manny Harris, Zack Novak, and DeShawn Sims rounding out the group at center.

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14:19 REMAINING , FIRST HALF: Lucas-Perry steals the ball near midcourt and glides down for the easy layup. Lucas-Perry and Sims have combined for 11 points so far.

MICHIGAN 18, Coppin State 7

13:27 REMAINING, FIRST HALF For those of you lucky enough to watch this contest on television, I wonder if you are just as surprised as I am in looking at CSU center Sam Coleman’s hair. That guy has the thickest cornrows I have ever seen.

10:49 REMAINING, FIRST HALF Douglass hits his second three tonight, and judging by the crowd’s extra sense of enthusiasm, you can tell how badly everyone seems to be hoping he gets his stroke back.

MICHIGAN 25, Coppin State 12

4:20 REMAINING, FIRST HALF Lucas-Perry hits a triple from NBA range, his second three of the night. The Wolverines have officially blown this game open. The ball movement has looked very crisp throughout the contest. The outside shots are falling, and Sims has been dominating Coleman on nearly every postup. It’s shaping up to be an easy night for Michigan.

MICHIGAN 36, Coppin State 16

HALFTIME The Wolverines are winning easily for the first time in weeks. Douglass has dropped four triples in the first half (he’s hit just 11 threes through this season’s first ten games). Granted, anything that happens against an overmatched opponent like the Eagles should be taken with a grain of salt, but Michigan coach John Beilein has to at least be relieved that the perimeter offense is executing. Douglass and Lucas-Perry have paced the team with 6-10 shooting from behind the arc, and Sims is getting what he wants in the post.

MICHIGAN 41, Coppin State 18

17:19 REMAINING CSU guard Lenny Young hits his fifth basket in eight tries. Right now, he looks like the only Eagle who belongs on a Division 1 roster.

MICHIGAN 45, Coppin State 22

13:48 REMAINING, SECOND HALF Novack drills a three from the left wing, his first in six attempts, drawing a sigh of relief from the heavily-adult populated Maize Rage. Michigan’s started off 2-6 in the opening six-plus minutes this half, but so far it hasn’t mattered.

MICHIGAN 50, Coppin State 25

7:37 REMAINING, SECOND HALF Douglass, Sims and Lucas-Perry have combined for 17-27 shooting and 43 points. They are outshooting and outscoring the Eagles right now.

MICHIGAN 62, Coppin State 35

4:42 REMAINING, SECOND HALF Harris and Sims take their final bow for the night, and Douglass is given the rest of the game to rest as well, receiving a very warm reception after hitting six triples and netting 20 points. Everyone can stop watching this game now.

MICHIGAN 74, Coppin State 42

MICHIGAN 76, Coppin State 46

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