Goodbye Tark the Shark, hello Sue the Chew.

Paul Wong
Heather Oesterle hadn”t been playing much lately, but she made the most of her opportunity yesterday. In 17 minutes, Oesterle scored 15 points on 6-of-7 shooting, including two 3-pointers.<br><br>JESSICA JOHNSON/Daily

Michigan women”s basketball coach Sue Guevara bit and buried her head in a towel yesterday despite one of her team”s best performances of the season, a 74-60 defeat of Illinois.

At the post-game press conference, Guevara revealed her nausea wasn”t because of how her team performed.

“That towel had vomit in it. That had nothing to do with Jerry Tarkanian,” Guevara said. “I got sicker than a dog right after training tables this morning.

“I cannot keep anything down at all. I sat the whole game I never do that. I was dizzy.”

Guevara might have caught something from Christie Schumacher, who was sick and didn”t even attend the game.

No Heather no cry: In only 17 minutes, Heather Oesterle came off the bench to hit 6-of-7 shots, including two 3-pointers to lead all scorers with 15 points.

Despite catching fire, Oesterle could never find an extended groove because she was on the bench.

Guevara said that Oesterle”s lack of playing time was because of mishaps in previous games.

“I”ve been talking a lot to Heather about some of her fouls,” Guevara said. “We seem to be getting some of the same silly fouls out of her and that”s why she came out of the lineup.”

But Guevara was pleased with Oesterle”s extremely productive time during game action.

“She didn”t sulk because she didn”t start,” Guevara said. “Heather responded. She just came in and did a really nice job.”

Also, Michigan”s other forwards were putting in solid performances, keeping Oesterle as a resource that didn”t need to be tapped.

“Everybody at my position is playing really well,” Oesterle said. “My role today was to come in and score. That”s what I did.”

Thunder sticks: The 2,345 on hand in Crisler were treated to sausage-shaped, yellow thunder sticks to cheer on the Wolverines.

Fans weren”t the only ones in on the thunder stick action. Michigan guard Alayne Ingram walked into the postgame press conference holding one.

“I looked up at them and thought, “wow, that”s really great,”” Ingram said.

Anne Thorius, Michigan”s other force from the perimeter, was extremely emotional during the game. She accredited her emotion to not just her teammates” hitting long shot, but also the thunder sticks.

“There was a good crowd today and everyone was into it,” Thorius said. “When we do what we need to do on the floor, then everyone gets into the game and it just makes it more fun when there”s that atmosphere in the gym.”

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