Coverage of Michiganensian inconsistent,

To the Daily:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Michiganensian yearbook
staff. From April 14 to April 16 we camped out in the Diag for 53
straight hours promoting and distributing our book. As you
published earlier in the year, we are having financial difficulties
and need to strongly increase our circulation to keep our book from
disappearing in the future. It is disappointing to us that you
chose to write a story on our problems months ago and then not
follow up on the story.

As you pride yourself on your journalistic integrity and
professionalism, we would think you want to follow up on any
stories you print, keeping the students and faculty of this
University updated with the most current information. In addition,
two of your photographers came by during the three days. One took
photographs that were not used, and another asked us numerous
questions informing us that she was assigned the feature
photograph. As a sister publication of the Ensian who knows our
current situation nearly as well as we do, we would hope that you
would support us in our fight to save our book. To not consider us
for even a photograph was insulting to us as both a staff and
fellow student publication.

Katrina Deutsch

LSA sophomore

The letter writer is the academics editor of the


Reader unhappy with choice of commencement speaker

To the Daily:

I am very happy that University President Mary Sue Coleman
invited David E. Davis Jr. to speak at the upcoming commencement.
I’m glad that four years of hard work will be recognized by
this widely celebrated, noted automotive journalist. Thankfully, I
am not graduating from Michigan State University, where graduates
will be bored by Condoleezza Rice, the relatively unknown first
woman to occupy the key post of national security advisor to the
president of the United States.

John Hiddema

Engineering senior

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