Greek Week highlights the positive potential of the Greek

To the Daily:

We are writing to you in response to your editorial entitled
Leave the greeks alone (04/06/04). As co-directors of Greek
Week 2004, proud members of our individual chapters and of the
Greek community, we are refreshed to hear such words of
encouragement for Greeks come from The Michigan Daily.

It has been a struggle for us in our endeavors as a nonprofit
student organization whose name links directly to the Greek system.
Our main goal this year was to dismiss many of the stereotypes
associated with Greek life, hoping to prove our worth as a
community that can instill positive changes when brought together.
Through the advocacy of nonalcoholic events, service projects and
our charities, we feel that we have been successful in highlighting
the positive aspects of our organization while making an impact on
many individuals.

We understand that the actions of the few can often speak for
the many. It is difficult to deal with the backlash that ensues as
a result of issues as horrible as rape, alcohol abuse and hazing.
But such issues, while often isolated, do not necessarily reflect
the actions of the Greek system as a whole. If you look a little
deeper, you will find intelligent leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes,
classmates, organizers and caring citizens of a large, interactive,
philanthropic community.

The two of us are proud to see that the efforts of our committee
and of the Greek system over the past year have not gone without
notice. We hope that future Greek Weeks and Greek-wide events will
not only grow, but also achieve the success of years past. We thank
and commend the Daily for recognizing Greek Week 2004 and for
defending our rights as an autonomous student organization.

Laura Butler

Chris Cooke

Co-directors, Greek Week 2004

LSA seniors

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