University deserves appreciation for Code revisions

To the Daily:

I want to offer my congratulations and thanks to the students and administration at the University for their hard work.

I attended the University from 1997to1999 and during that time was active with the Michigan Student Assembly and several other campus projects. Though I came late to the process of reforming the Code, I became very heavily involved in the process changes that ultimately resulted in Wednesday”s announcement. I thought then, and am sure now, that the modifications we made will continue to make the Code (now renamed) process more fair, more representative, and ultimately better for the University and all its students.

It is by no means a perfect document. But our work to date along with the work of hundreds of others over more than a decade have kept this process moving in the right direction.

Brian Reich


Despite Daily”s claims, Omaha not filled with drunk hockey fans

To the Daily:

I have to ask, as Omaha has been my hometown for almost 15 years now, why all the beer references by Ann Arbor media? Of the 10 CCHA teams to visit Omaha (Ohio State will be the 11th and final to visit in 2 weeks), the Ann Arbor media were the only ones to mention alcohol in every article I read about the crowd from every online media source, including The Michigan Daily (“Omaha not too far for Michigan faithful,” 2/6/01) and The Ann Arbor News and were the only opposing team radio announcers I”ve ever heard comment on alcohol being a major factor in the crowd.

If all I knew about Omaha was from the Daily”s articles and the comments of the WTKA announcers, I”d have thought the crowd was a bunch of drunks, when in reality they”re far from it. Plus it”d be pretty damn tough to get drunk at the arena when beer is $4.75 a cup.

I even heard reports that the 200 University of Michigan fans at the Bullpen this past weekend were consuming the alcohol as much as or more than the University of Nebraska at Omaha fans.

Not to mention from all indications I”ve read and heard about, Yost is a much more profane arena than the Bullpen ever will be or want to be, beer or no beer.

Just because there may be competition from the new guys, and just because the atmosphere isn”t a traditional college one since UNO doesn”t have a typical college student body, doesn”t mean the Daily has to qualify our fandom by claiming that beer is the most prominent reason our crowd gets into it.

I think the fact a 4-year old program has given a spanking to the Wolverines two of the last three times they”ve played probably has more to do with it than a single drop of Coors.

I hope the Wolverines enjoyed their trip to the “drunken” arena, and I”d like to extend a belated, “Welcome to Nebraska. You”ll never lose in a friendlier place.”

Ben Flickinger

The letter writer is a resident of Omaha.

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