Daily is anti-Greek; regard stories as gossip

To the Daily:

Phil Muirhead’s comments (03/31/04) on what he feels would
be the right solution regarding the Greek system’s problem
with hazing and social policies are completely irrelevant, not to
mention naive. It is arrogant for someone outside of the Greek
system to assume that they can make an educated opinion about how
the system should be run. Let’s be honest here: If
you’re not in the Greek system, you probably read about it in
the Daily, and should be smart enough to realize that the paper has
a highly biased view of the Greek community. There have been
numerous letters to the editor from Greek members defending their
actions or correcting the Daily but the bias continues — it
makes for an interesting read. Everyone loves to read about the
misfortunes of the Greek system; that’s why they’re
always on the front page regardless of how trivial. I have no
problem with the Daily; I’ve accepted the fact that they will
inevitably print skewed stories. My problem is with people who feel
the need to made public comments based on “stories,”
which should be easily recognized as gossip.

Jessica Gumerson

LSA senior


‘Transform’ the planet; ensure

To the Daily:

Something is happening to the environmental movement that I, as
co-founder of Transformers, an emerging community of students who
are interested in promoting interconnectedness, personal
transformation and sustainability, am seriously excited about. Tree
huggers and do-gooders are joining forces with B-Schoolers,
engineers and a much broader community to create a celebratory,
solutions-oriented approach to environmentalism. Transformers
believes in celebrating life through positive action. We also
believe that each individual on this planet, especially those of us
who are fortunate enough to live in a developed country like the
United States, has a responsibility to ensure that the Earth will
be around for future generations of all living beings to enjoy.

This might seem to be an overwhelming task. It might seem as if
you can’t make a difference.  But there are actually
some very simple things you can do to reduce your ecological
impact. For example, Transformers gave out 80 compact fluorescent
light bulbs to students on the Diag yesterday. These light bulbs
will reduce more than 80 tons of carbon dioxide and two grams of
mercury emissions. That’s just one easy example of what you
can do. The point is: It’s easy to make a difference. So take
responsibility. Educate yourself. Celebrate life on this amazing

Nathan Arbitman

Masters candidate, Corporate Environment Management

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