SAE, Greek system unfairly targeted in article

To the Daily:

I don’t know what the Daily’s problem is with my
organization, but I think it is high time for an apology. I had an
exchange with the Daily over the misreporting about SAE’s
involvement in the DKE situation of a month ago and how your lies
nearly cost us our fraternity and our place to live. The Daily
didn’t pause to get the facts, and you reported way too fast
because you wanted a big headline (Alleged rape under
, 03/30/04). Now you have proceeded to jump the
gun once again and accuse an SAE member of the most horrific crime
imaginable. Care to know that since the article broke the parties
have both come forward to the Ann Arbor Police Department and said
the sexual contact was consensual? If I am getting this information
while studying abroad in Africa, then how are you letting it blow
right by you in Ann Arbor? You said before that you gave SAE
President Dustin Nelson the chance to comment, but might I remind
you that nobody in his right mind is going to comment about what is
potentially an open police investigation. The Daily has always been
keen on disparaging the Greek system in its pages with false
headlines that often have no factual backing. I think you need to
put a stop to your campaign to unjustly ruin SAE’s
reputation. I quote Dustin Nelson when he said your next headline
should read, “113 years of editorial freedom fails in attempt
to end 115 years of brotherhood.”

Drew Beres

LSA junior

The letter writer is a former president of Sigma Alpha

Editor’s note: According to today’s Daily
article, while the alleged victim now maintains that the sexual
contact in question was consensual, she has not contacted the AAPD
since their original interview immediately following the


Campus would be better off with Greek system reforms

To the Daily:

After reading about the allegations of rape taking place inside
a fraternity house (Alleged rape under investigation,
03/30/04), I am only further drawn to the conclusion that the
interests of many of the social frats are simply incongruous with
those of the University. Even if evidence shows consent on the
behalf of the woman, the testimony of the friend is indicative of
the institutionalized victimization occurring at social frats, and
not only of women.

From the BB gun incident several years ago to the fairly recent
kidney failure due to over-exhaustion, pledges are forced through a
bizarre and dangerous boot camp in which their individuality is
stripped for the sake of “brotherhood.” This, for one,
is completely antithetical to the ideals of the American college
experience, in which youth is given the chance for self-expression
and realization of its individuality through study, art, sports,

The victimization of women at social frats is simply undeniable
and has led to a party design with that goal in mind. This is
evident in this recent incident as well as the death of Courtney
Cantor in 1998, for which her father sued the University with hopes
of changing University policies toward the Greek system. With this
in mind, I have to suggest that the recent considerations by the
University — pushing back Rush and requiring a live-in
advisor — are not so much in the interest of the
University’s image but rather in the interest of the health
and welfare of the student body.

Phil Muirhead

RC junior

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