Contrary to Daily’s assertions, registering to vote is easy

To the Daily:

I was quite pleased with the Daily’s editorial on student voting in Ann Arbor (Representing ‘U’, 09/09/03). As residents of this city, it is our right and responsibility to participate in the processes that decide how it runs. However, I would like to point out a problem with the article. It reads: “Many students come from out of town and are registered in another state. For many, the process of changing their registration to Ann Arbor is too cumbersome.”

Fortunately, this statement is incorrect. Registering simply involves filling out a half-page form, which asks for little more information than local address and driver’s license number. I work for the Youth Vote Coalition, which unites all kinds of organizations working to get young people politically involved and aware. We’ve set up a field site in Ann Arbor to do just this and anyone interested in filling out one of those forms and getting registered in Ann Arbor can email for one of those forms.

Moira Birss

RC senior

New bus routes inadequate

To the Daily:

I would like to express my opinion on the new bus route for the Commuter Northbound.

I know that the University intended well when it changed the route but I believe the change is unfair to residents of Mosher-Jordan and Stockwell residence halls. The way the bus route is set up now, there is no quick way of getting to North Campus in the morning. It is a bit of a walk to the closest bus stop and when it gets cold that is going to be very inconvenient and dangerous. Yes, we could take the Northwood, however the Northwood stops by C.C. Little after visiting the Hill area, thus taking a very long time to reach North Campus.

Taking the Northwood already takes a very long time and during the winter even longer.

Since there are already two buses that go by the Kresge building in the morning (Bursley-Baits and Northwood) I see no reason for the Northbound Commuter to go up Washtenaw Avenue and turn onto Ann Street and then go around Medical Center Drive. An alternate route could be to take Geddes Avenue to Observatory Street and then go around Medical Center Drive. This way you cover Mosher Jordan and Stockwell Residence Halls and still make it around Medical Center Drive.

Douglas J. Kremer

Engineering junior

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