Student asks for tolerance of LGBT community

To the Daily:

I am writing in response to the letter posted by reader Tammy
Bennett expressing her response to the receiving of an e-mail
publicizing a course offered on a topic regarding sexuality
(Gays are having way in schools and on TV, don’t deserve special
09/02/03). I feel like a few of the issues she presents
in her letter cannot go unaddressed.

The rationale behind Bennett’s argument is that those of us with
gay proclivities are violating “our” almighty God’s law. Bennett
seems to be overlooking the practice of any other religion than her
own, including the practice of no institutional religion at all,
which is the case for many people in our university community. To
force us all under the umbrella of her particular system of belief
is incorrect and unfair.

Bennett wishes to let us know that she “mean(s) no disrespect to
those who are homosexual,” but I hope most of us would agree that
to deny a group of people the opportunity to learn about their
culture and their place in the world, a place unfortunately
influenced by people with narrow views similar to those Bennett
herself seems to hold, is not respectful on any level. To summarize
an entire people as a disgrace is not only disrespectful; it’s

In a culture that embraces and indeed romanticizes practices
such as organized crime and obsessive materialism every day on our
televisions, the attack upon the existence of homosexuals, a viable
and undeniable part of modern American culture, seems ludicrous and
misdirected. It’s unfortunate that Bennett and those who share her
views will never accept the reality of homosexuality, but it exists
as an identity for many people, and it will not go away. Eventually
those who are unable to accept and embrace this fact will be
replaced by those who are openminded, forward thinking, and
unthreatened by the rise of a culture that has been historically
oppressed in ways unimaginable to most.

We all have a right to worship and believe what brings us peace,
and my intention is not to offend anyone who chooses to practice
Christianity. However, the fact remains that we have pledged as a
people to uphold the rights of the individual. The opportunity for
the LGBT community to learn about itself – to grow and thrive, is
one of those rights. To consider these basic civil liberties
“special rights” is unquestionably irrational.

There are few absolutes in this world. If I were in a position
to ask for a call to action, I would ask all of us to constantly
question what we have been taught is true as it relates to what we
truly experience. Instead, I will ask for acceptance and the
freedom to live our lives as our person dictates.

Ryan Babbitt

LSA senior

Marching band asks for student support on Saturday

To the Daily:

The Michigan Marching Band is calling for all Michigan fans and
students to wear Maize to this weekend’s football game against
Notre Dame. As members of the largest college football crowd in the
country, we have the potential to support our team with the
greatest spirit and loudest cheering ever heard to date. So make as
much noise as possible while we’re on defense, welcome each and
every Michigan team unit that takes the field, and wear maize this
Saturday to crush the Irish.

Go Blue.

Matt Cavanaugh

Engineering senior

Michigan Marching Band, drum major













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