Kerry is the best choice for the University’s

To the Daily:

Zac Peskowitz’s column, John Kerry is – gasp – running for
(09/04/03) failed to articulate the true leadership
possessed by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and was grossly short
sighted in its portrayal of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. I
understand and empathize with all the liberals and common-sense
independents who, fed up with the bumbling President Bush, are
finding Dean to be a breath of fresh air. I implore them to take a
closer look at Dean and see what this man truly stands for. Dean
was the type of leader who, while supporting a 1996 welfare-reform
bill, said welfare recipients “don’t have any self-esteem, If they
did, they’d be working.” Does this sound like an individual who
understands the needs of Americans in jobless economy?

As governor, Dean advocated dumping nuclear waste to the poor,
mostly Hispanic town of Sierra Blanca, Texas – an act that Sen.
Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) called “blatant environmental injustice.”
Dean never got the endorsement of Vermont’s Sierra Club – not once
in his five bids for governor! Teachers did not support him either,
after that they saw his big words did not amount to actions, and
his actions turned out to be more like stature. Dean did, however,
render support from everyone’s favorite liberal organization – the
National Rifle Association–once he proved himself as an enemy of
common sense gun laws. People need to look beyond the patina of
leadership exhibited by Dean to see the true leadership of Kerry.
To say the man never stood for anything is baseless and borderline
offensive. As a Vietnam veteran, Kerry brought the wrongs happening
in Vietnam to the forefront while testifying before the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee at the age of 28. In 1982, Kerry was
elected to the Senate, where he has continued to be unafraid to
stand up and unabashedly support what he believes is right. In
1985, he supported the Employment Nondiscrimination Act long before
Dean realized that supporting LGBT Americans was the right thing to
do – not to mention long before LGBT issues were accepted to the
degree that they are today. Kerry fought the unsuccessful battle to
increase funding into renewable sources of energy, and called to
question those in his own party about their positions on the

I understand the frustration of Peskowitz and others. We all
must suffer through this last year with Bush. Do not allow your
suffering to blind you to the allure of Dean, or the truly great
leader that America has in John Kerry.

– Paul Spurgeon

LSA senior

Students for Kerry co-chair

Stadium replay inadequate

To the Daily:

Am I the only one starting to get annoyed with the Michigan
Stadium scoreboard replay booth? On several close calls where there
may have been interference or a weak block in the back, the replay
booth decided not to project the replay on the scoreboards for the
fans to see. It’s nice to see big hits and plays on the scoreboard
but several times when I want to see a possible no-call or weak
call I feel cheated by the replay booth.

The result of a missed replay inside the stadium leads me to
call one of my friends not at the game to ask about the play in
question which is only second best to seeing it myself. I can
understand that the stadium staff doesn’t want angry fans and a
stadium full of boos, but I can’t help but to boo the replay booth
when they fail to show questionable replays.

Stephen Wise

LSA senior














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