Court made right decision regarding affirmative action

To the Daily:

Racism has been America’s most grievous national sin since our country’s inception. No amount of affirmative action programs will ever begin to make up for the evil done over the centuries to persons of African descent. “Survival of the fittest” conservatives are bemoaning the recent pro-affirmative action decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court. I salute the Supreme Court’s decision. It would have been a monumental error to have decided otherwise. Affirmative action is just one important way of making amends for past wrongs. Thank God for the wisdom of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the four other justices who voted with her.

Paul Whiteley


Racial preferences are a form of racism themselves

To the Daily:

Some of the people on the University’s campus must be so proud to help make a vast majority of blacks and Hispanic Americans, of all races, so ashamed. Way to make us proud! Tell me? Why are Asian Americans not included in affirmative action? Could it be because it stereotypes Asians as being smarter than Hispanics or Africans? Diversity is no excuse for racism. Here is twenty points because you are of African or Hispanic decent. You are too stupid to compete with European Americans or a.k.a. “whites,” so here is your handout. Wow! You guys must be so proud ’cause you made us look so fabulous! Here’s a solution! Go back to the U.S. Supreme Court and ask for race and ethnicity to be taken off all college forms. You work hard, you prosper.

Alma Grana de Valle


Affirmative action is about ‘justice,’ not ‘diversity’

To the Daily:

Everyone is missing the point. University President Mary Sue Coleman said last week, “The important point is that we’ve always said that diversity is a compelling state interest.” And her legal team said that same thing at the hearing. And so said Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: ” … the law school has a compelling interest in a diverse student body … ”

This is hogwash! The reason for affirmative action is not diversity; it’s justice. We need affirmative action because blacks and Hispanics are subject to unequal treatment in the justice system and grossly unequal treatment in the K-12 school system. Additionally, many educational institutions such as standardized tests have been proven racist. All factors controlled for, minorities tend to score lower simply for being a minority, for many reasons.

I’ve documented these at

This “diversity” nonsense is only being said because the University is unwilling to confront the unpleasant reality that the U.S. school system is deeply and tragically flawed, and segregation is one of the worst symptoms. If they had the courage to say, “We need affirmative action because the state of Michigan has the fourth most segregated K-12 system in the nation,” they might end up being required to actually look at that problem and do something about it.

While the Law School’s admissions policies were upheld, the Center for Individual Rights has stated that it intends to sue other schools. The attack on affirmative action resembles the attack on Roe v. Wade: ongoing, eroding justice one small victory at a time. Hopefully, as the struggle continues, people will view it as one for justice, not just for “diversity.”

Adam de Angeli

LSA senior

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