AATU forced to stop service at month’s end; no replacement forthcoming

To the Daily:

I am writing to inform the public that due to the lack of funding by the Michigan Student Assembly for tenant counseling, the Ann Arbor Tenants Union will stop all service to University students starting April 30.

Since 1968 the AATU has worked to improve housing in our community. This school year, the MSA administration has refused to negotiate a new tenant service contract to provide counseling for its constituency. Also, the new MSA administration has not responded to requests for a meeting about the future of the AATU with MSA.

The MSA Housing Taskforce, MSA’s failed attempt to “replace” the AATU, created in January, lasted only for one month and no longer works for student/tenant rights. MSA has failed to provide either adequate funding for the AATU or provide a reasonable replacement to student tenant counseling and advocacy as the AATU has done for over 30 years. This cut first/replace later approach has left Michigan students inadequately served by their student government.

The AATU has continued to serve students this winter semester in order to show our good faith and commitment to students, but MSA has not responded in the best interests of students. We no longer have the funds to properly serve University students without MSA support and deeply regret the void this will leave for students, but we have been left with no other option.

Amy Ament

LSA senior

Executive director, AATU

Run the Naked Mile!

To the Daily:

As an outgoing senior, I want to make sure that one of the best University traditions is continued. Run the Naked Mile! Over the last four and a half years, I have seen the Mile go from having about 500 participants to about 30. I was a volunteer for Naked Mile Safety two years ago, just so the tradition would not get ruined by an unruly crowd. There are many reasons that the University is unique and special; the Naked Mile is one of those reasons and it needs to have support so it lasts many years more.

Matt Darby

LSA senior

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