Reporting on women’s basketball team irresponsible, loss of Guevara a loss to ‘U’

To the Daily:

As a former practice team member and supporter of the women’s basketball team, I got to know coach Sue Guevara fairly well. That is why I was very saddened to learn of her dismissal this past week. I was even more saddened by an article entitled What Happened? (03/17/03), regarding the decline of the program.

I cannot speak with regard to the current decline of the program – I graduated in 2001 and my association with the team ended at that time. I can speak about the character and quality of coach that Sue Guevara is. During my two years of attending practice, Coach G was very amiable and friendly with her team. She was firm, but no more firm than any other coach I have encountered throughout my experiences with athletics. She was very proud of her team and her desire for them to succeed was very evident.

For the members of her current – and now final – team to speak out against her under conditions of “anonymity” was appalling. It speaks volumes for the leadership – or lack there of – on the current squad. They are all grown women. Why they were unable to approach Coach G woman-to-woman with their problems baffles me. Instead, they chose to hide behind their comments under conditions of “anonymity” in an “exclusive” article written by a Daily sports writer who discarded journalistic integrity in favor of producing a better story. The writer’s irresponsible penning of an article based entirely on “anonymous” quotes may have contributed to the dismissal of one of the finest women’s basketball coaches in the country.

I was a strong supporter of the Michigan women’s basketball program. I am no longer.

Coach G, if you happen to read this, know that Scott, Dave, Joe, Matt, Kevin, Russ and Barrett would run through a wall if you told us to.

Scott Ottolini


Absence of Random Student Interview is disconcerting, ruins Weekend Magazine

To the Daily:

What the hell happened to the Random Student Interview? I think it’s been absent from three of the last four issues. How can I read the Weekend Magazine if I can’t start with a healthy dose of the inane? It’s my second-favorite part of The Michigan Daily.

Andrew Nuxoll


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