Cutting class will definitely not solve world’s problems

To the Daily:

In reading the viewpoint by Zac Peskowitz and Jess Piskor (Now is our time, 03/20/03) I came across the following sentence: “Moments spent in class today are moments wasted.”

I fully disagree with this statement. I am the first person in my family to go to college. My parents spend a great deal of money every month to be able to send me here. I also have to pay a fair share and have to work work study in one of the residence hall cafeterias to help with my monetary situation. A moment I don’t spend in class, for which I pay a great deal, is a moments wasted. A moment that I could be learning, and making my future better.

Some may not agree with the state of world affairs but to tell them to cut class is not making America a better place. I say moments spent in class today are moments that will help the United States in the future, with our future leaders gaining knowledge to help this country in that future.

Michael Piotrowski

LSA sophomore

Daily helps spread ‘cheap propaganda’ via ads

To the Daily:

Thursday’s ad regarding the “truth” about Israel and Palestine was incredibly insensitive to the complexity of the issue taking place in the holy land. I hope that people see it for what it is: cheap propaganda. Propaganda which the Daily has helped spread. It baffles me that the Daily would allow such things to be published.

Diego Salcedo

Business student

Ads offensive, inflammatory, ‘do not depict truth’

To the Daily:

I would like to express my disappointment in an advertisement in Thurday’s Daily. The advertisement was sponsored by I understand the constitutional constraints on limiting the press, but I believe such ads are offensive and inflammatory. Moreover, they do not depict the “truth” or work to solve the conflict. I do not know whether the Daily exercises any discretion over its ads, but I would hope that such ads would be disallowed.

It is an unfortunate reality that such messages will inherently be associated with the Daily. Such association will undermine the impartiality of the Daily and its coverage.

Yaman Shukairy

Law student

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