‘U’ relationship with office supplier tainted by dangerous logging practices

To the Daily:

We would like to express our concern about the University’s business relationship with Boise Cascade Office Products. Boise Cascade Office Products is a corporate supplier that manufactures and markets a wide variety of merchandise, including furniture, software and paper products. The University’s Purchasing Services, Stores and Auxiliary Services website posted an announcement that the university awarded a prime vendor contract for office supplies to Boise Cascade. We do not agree with this decision because Boise Cascade is one of the world’s largest loggers of old growth forest in Indonesia, Canada, Central and South America and Russia. Boise Cascade has also been depleting forests on U.S. public land. Logging old growth forests is detrimental to our environment, destroying the habitats of indigenous and endangered species. We hope that this letter will help to raise awareness of our university’s support for a company with gross disregard for our environment’s wellbeing.

Please visit our website www.geocities.com/umoldgrowth/ for more detailed information and to sign a petition to halt the purchasing of Boise Cascade’s products at the University.

Jess Hodgson

Gil Mazurik

LSA seniors

Rese Fox

Dave Armitage

LSA freshmen

Cultural identity can still lead to cultural uncertainty

To the Daily:

The column Skittles knew the truth, (03/14/03), in last Friday’s Daily got me thinking about America and the unspoken social taboo related to interracial dating. The world is not “black and white” in both the figurative and literal meanings of the adage. There are many other ethnicities out there in the world and not one is problem free. The fear that our society has regarding interracial dating concerns me. As a product of an interracial marriage, I wonder where I fit in this emotionally- segregated country. I am not na

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