Residence Halls serve only ‘token veggie’ meals

To the Daily:

Shame on the Daily for attempting to mislead students into believing that there’s an abundance of vegetarian/vegan food available in the residence halls (Vegetarian options increase as dining halls follow trends, 02/21/03). Offering one vegetarian entree out of every four entrees is nothing to brag about, especially since it leaves vegetarians with no choice whatsoever if that entree happens to be bad. Nor do many vegetarians like the token veggie meal, which often includes eggs rather than tofu. Additionally, the veggie side bar is nothing to brag about. Rice and beans are not my idea of a good meal. Until tofu is served more than once every other week, and vegetarians actually have option out of the available entrees, I would urge all vegetarians (and certainly all vegans) do cancel their meal credits and buy some real food.

Brianna Knoppow

SNRE sophomore

Bake sale a ‘revelation’: Review is conservative

To the Daily:

I must admit The Michigan Review’s bake sale taught me something. For the last four years I thought they were just some student publication that I didn’t read.

Then after hearing of their half-baked sale, I checked out a little more about them to discover that they’re actually a right-wing publication.

What a revelation. All this time I thought they were a news organization (“The Campus Affairs Journal of the University of Michigan,” their page reads) when in reality they’re a group of Republicans. I thank them for clearing that up. Now I no longer look at their paper as a benign publication. Also, the Review’s James Justin Wilson’s letter to the Daily was quite unnecessary and also false. First, they did not account for, socioeconomic status, and second, regardless of what factors they accounted for the whole premise was rubbish. Equating racist inequality and segregation with a policy borne of the civil rights movement to partially negate those things is nonsense.

Adam de Angeli

LSA senior

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