Royal Shakespeare Company castmembers voices their opposition to war in Iraq

To the Daily:

We, those named below, are members of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of Coriolanus and The Merry Wives of Windsor which will be performed in Ann Arbor this March. We wish to make it clear that our visit is not supportive of the current United States (and by extension, United Kingdom) policy toward Iraq.

We do not believe a valid case for war has been made and wish to join all those on both sides of the Atlantic in supporting a peaceful resolution to this conflict through the United Nations.

We urge all those who feel the same to make their protest known.

Kate Best

Claire Carrie

Simon Coates

Richard Copestake

Richard Cordery

Lindsey Fawcett

Alison Fiske

Greg Hicks

Kieron Jecchinis

David Killick

Tom Mannion

Ciaran McIntyre

Karl Morgan

James O’Donnell

Patrick Romer

Lucy Tregear

Hannah Young

Royal Shakespeare Company castmembers

Daily needs to do homework, affirmative-action bake sale accounted for more than race

To the Daily:

The premise of yesterday’s editorial regarding The Michigan Review’s affirmative action bake sale (Half-baked analogy, 02/19/03) was unfounded. Although we staged the event to highlight the University’s insidious use of race in admissions, we realized that it is only a component of admissions.

To that end, the bake sale fully represented all facets of the admissions policy. Not only did minorities receive a 20-cent discount, but we offered proportional discounts for a student’s legacy, athletic prowess and geographic location, among other factors.

In one instance, we offered a bagel for 70 cents to a Hispanic Michigander – 20-cents off for being a minority and another 10-cents for being from Michigan.

To claim that the bake sale was “half-baked” was inaccurate, and the result of poor research. In the end, the event was definitely positive.

It is not every day that people have open, well-reasoned discussions about affirmative action on campus. It took something a little shocking to get people to open up. I was really encouraged by the dialogue we had with supporters and opponents alike.

James Justin Wilson

LSA senior

The letter writer is the editor in chief of The Michigan Review

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