AATU fails to serve the University’s student body

To the Daily:

As a University alumnus, a former Michigan Student Assembly representative and an Office Space Allocation Committee member, I stand by my comments made to the Daily last spring concerning the Ann Arbor Tenants Union, and their status as a “pseudo-student group.” The Daily (Tenants’ time, 02/14/03) argues that: “[t]he attitude embodied by Apel speaks to the acute lack of understanding that many members of the University community display toward the AATU.” There is no misunderstanding by the University community regarding the AATU – the simple truth is that students do not want the tenant services offered by the AATU.

Regardless of the good intentions and benevolent desire of the AATU, there is no demand by the students of the University to have their limited student government funding spent on a group that is inefficient, ineffective and serves no appreciable niche. Their well-documented low level of service to students, the lack of public outrage, widespread ambivalence and largely uninterested electorate concerning this issue all attest to this.

Student General Counsel Joe Bernstein and MSA are true student advocates in their quest to thwart the hijacking of limited student funds by a small, albeit good-hearted, group that inefficiently uses its resources to provide an unwanted service.

Peter Apel

University alumnus

Weekend Magazine article on dry humping is a disgrace to the Daily’s standards

To the Daily:

Sports writer Jim Weber, is an embarrassment to the Daily, Clamping down on dry humping and blue balls, (02/13/03). I cannot believe that the Daily would endorse and print such crap. I hope his name gets dragged into some legal dispute and he gets his “balls” nailed to the wall for his ignorant words. Do the Daily’s editors even read this stuff before the Daily publishes it?

James Green


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