Historic building deserves ‘Revival,’ could serve as student housing

To the Daily:

I read with interest the Daily’s editorial (Housing hold-up, 02/07/03) regarding the lack of new residence halls on campus. Right now the University is planning to demolish the historic Planada Apt. building at 1127 E. Ann St., which could be easily converted into student housing. This 1929 building, designed in an interesting Spanish Revival style, was a historically-protected building until it was purchased by the University last year.

Now it seems to merely be in the way. It would be great if students rallied to save this building as a potential new residence hall. The University has too long neglected the housing needs of the students and this would be a wonderful opportunity for everyone.

Susan Wineberg

University Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

Hanink’s column ‘discredits’ most anti-war protesters; activism requires action

To the Daily:

I was disappointed in Johanna Hanink’s column (Rhyme doesn’t make right at anti-war rallies, 02/10/03), which seemed to imply that activism was pointless and that we should all sit around in the Michigan League reflection room, and pray for an end to war, instead of taking to the streets. Hanink ought to not discredit the majority of protesters who would, if asked, be willing to have an honest discussion on why they disagree with Bush’s plan to attack Iraq.

I was glad to be part of such an enthusiastic group of people, together expressing our freedom to protest against our government’s foolish policies. It was also great to see the variety of protest signs out there, signs, such as “Draft SUV drivers first,” “The only Bush I trust is my own,” and in an Arbor Brewing Company window, “Spill beer not blood.” While these signs may not be intellectual enough for certain Daily writers, hopefully the Daily can see why I chose “Silence is not Patriotic” as my favorite sign. It’s high time Bush realizes that the majority of the American citizens do not support attacking Iraq.

Brianna Knoppel

SNRE sophomore

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