Representatives urge ‘U’ to vote yes on the
LSA-SG ballot question

To the Daily:

For two days, three of our members have criticized LSA Student
Government’s measure to create a more accountable and
consistent government. The three freshmen on government who oppose
this measure are fantastic representatives who are attempting to do
what is best for government. However they lack the experience and
history that this measure is attempting to address.

Students are constantly complaining that their student
governments do nothing for them. This is often the case. Two years
ago a slate was elected to LSA-SG who had never served on
government. The result was that more than half of our 19
representatives resigned from government due to ineffective
leadership. Virtually nothing of substance was accomplished.

We are attempting to rectify this mishap and truly serve student
interests. We are advocating for leadership who know what issues
are, who have relationships with the other elected members of
government, and who have relationships with administrators (who
hold the true ability to change college and University policies).
This is essential to the optimal functioning of our government. We
need to change our constitution and allow for student issues and
concerns to be advocated and accomplished. Voting yes on this
constitutional change will ensure this.

Democracy will endure. Elected representatives have the largest
voice in this process ensuring that student issues are heard. We
are not the U.S government; we acknowledge our limitations and
posit that we are a student group that knows what is best for our

The three freshmen who oppose this have genuine and legitimate
opinions. They are concerns that have been addressed and considered
by all of us. Ultimately, however, they are unfounded and wrong.
Your elected representatives on LSA-SG voted 15-3 in favor of this
constitutional change. We ask that you do the same. Support our
ability to work for you. Vote yes on the LSA-SG ballot

Alexis Bates

LSA-SG representative

Paige Butler

Vice Chair, LSA-SG Academic Affairs Committee

Rob Cantor

LSA-SG representative

Ryan Ford

LSA-SG vice-presidential candidate

Jesse Knight

LSA-SG Academic Relations Officer

David Matz

President, LSA-SG

Lauren May

LSA-SG presidential candidate

Yasmin Naghash

LSA-SG council

Mike Rudin

LSA-SG representative

Ryan Scott

LSA-SG representative

Clara Seymor

Secretary, LSA-SG

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