Schwartz’s stance against abstinence illogical

To the Daily:

This is in response to a comment in Jon Schwartz’ column on yesterday (2003: A Republican odyssey?) In it, he stated that the government’s promotion of abstinence among teens to curb teenage pregnancy and STD infection is foolish. Whatever one’s religious and moral affinities may be, that statement is just illogical. This is on par with saying, “The government foolishly believes that not drinking and driving is the best way to curb drunk driving accidents.” Given that condoms are not 100 percent effective against all STDs, nor are 100 percent used during sex, it seems to me that to prevent teenage pregnancy abstinence is the most effective way. If sex isn’t occuring, the chances are more likely that teenage preganancy and infection from STDs won’t either. Now that seems logical.

Rahman Woods

LSA senior

Conservatives tired of having to defend Lott

To the Daily:

Regarding Jon Schwartz’s column (2003: A Republican odyssey?, 12/10/02), I find it disappointing that he lumps all conservatives together with Trent Lott and his recent comment about Strom Thurmond.

A quick perusal of articles on mainstream conservative opinion websites, such as those of the Weekly Standard and National Review, shows quite clearly that conservatives are as angry at Lott as anyone, and probably more so than liberals, since it is conservatives Lott was misrepresenting with his endorsement of the Dixiecrats. An informal poll on the Weekly Standard’s website – whose readership is overwhelmingly conservative – shows that, as of now, 52 percent of respondents want Lott to either step down as majority leader or resign from the Senate altogether, while another 33 percent want him to retract his statement and apologize. Keep in mind that this is the result of polling a population that is almost without exception opposed to affirmative action.

Frankly, conservatives, myself included, are tired of having to defend themselves against charges that opposing both affirmative action and segregation is incongruous. It’s unfortunate that writers like Schwartz seek to keep arguing against the straw man that is segregation, and even more unfortunate that bigots like Lott keep giving them opportunities to.

Dan Levi


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