Enders’ last column should outrage those on both sides of affirmative action

To the Daily:

I was shocked to see such a poor column as the one from David Enders which appeared yesterday, “Going all the way.”

Some people side with the University on its admissions policies and others do not. Everyone on both sides of the issue should be offended by David Enders’ column in which he states “anyone who’s not wearing a white hood and a bedsheet should probably renounce their citizenship if the court decides not to support the University’s policies.” To place those who do not agree with the University on the same level as the KKK is repulsive.

Some people support the principle of affirmative action but believe the University needs to seriously change how it is applied. There are alternative ways to help minority students. For those who support the University in its policies, you should be outraged that David Enders cheapens your argument by resorting to simply calling the other side racist. That kind of argument will certainly not please “the big nine.”

The thinking found in Enders’ column exemplifies all that is ugly and wrong in the affirmative action debate. By viciously attacking alternative viewpoints, affirmative action proponents alienate the more moderate potential supporters.

Eric Dueweke

LSA junior

Reader offers to fund Enders’ emigration after ruling

To the Daily:

It’s pretty hard to believe that Enders couldn’t find even one student on campus to give him an anti-affirmative action viewpoint. Heck, 28.8% of grad students are wearing white hoods. They should be pretty easy to spot. Or maybe Enders is too busy being a self-righteous jackass to do anything besides regurgitate a pile of left-wing shibboleths.

By the way, if the Supreme Court does rule against the University, I’ll gladly chip in some money to fund Enders’ emigration and subsequent citizenship renouncement.

Dan Levi


Most graduates do support affirmative action; Daily ran misleading article

To the Daily:

Carmen Johnson’s article, “Many grad students do not support ‘U’ side in lawsuits” is grossly misleading. 57.8 percent of Rackham students support while 28.8 percent do not support. 13.4 percent are undecided. Johnson combines the 28.8 percent and the 13.4 percent when she claims, “Slightly fewer than half the students polled do not support the University’s side in the undergraduate and Law School cases.” Johnson warps the true findings of the study, since a convincing majority, 57.8 percent, of those polled support the University, while only 28.8 percent do not support the policies.

Any person who has worked with statistics knows they can be skewed to support nearly any position, but Johnson needs to skew them even more if she wants to support her bogus claim. I would expect this in the editorial section, but I expect to see unbiased news on the front page where this article was located.

Scott Schlimmer

LSA junior

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