Tuesday ad misrepresented Wiesel, called into question Daily’s journalistic integrity

To the Daily:

I am writing in regards to the anti-abortion insert in the Daily yesterday. The back of the insert contained a quote from Elie Wiesel talking about the Holocaust.

The quote was supposed to be in support of the pro-life movement but there was nothing in the quote that referenced abortion at all, nor do I think Mr. Wiesel intended that meaning. My issue is not so much with the organization taking the quote grossly out of context to support their movement but rather with the Daily printing it. The Daily should not be limited in the type of advertising it can run, but I think there should be a level of journalistic integrity that must be met by advertisers in order that the Daily maintain its reputation as a high quality publication.

The misrepresentation of Mr. Wiesel is journalistic misrepresentation of the worst kind. By co-opting Mr. Wiesel’s message (that we should not tolerate people being unjustly persecuted) to support a cause which many see as seeking to unjustly persecute people, the messages of both causes are lost.

Should the Pro-Life movement have a voice? Of course. Should they be able to misrepresent noted scholars to deliver their message. That is their prerogative. Should the Daily help in this misrepresentation? Probably not. If the Daily expects to maintain any sort of integrity with its readers, it should be a little more careful about the journalistic integrity of everything it prints, including the ads.

Aaron Ostrovsky

Law School

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