MSA posters kill trees, make litter, pose lawsuit danger, create fire hazard

To the Daily:

I am a student at the University, a freshman to be exact and I am sick and tired of the orange and blue posters that are being placed all over campus about voting. Better yet, they don’t even inform voters what they are voting for because I don’t even know. They place God knows how many of the same person into one spot and all over the wall. That is a waste of paper. They kill way too many trees, they are littering, they are causing possible lawsuits for those who slip on them because they are falling to the floor and they are a fire hazard. If I were to light fire to one of the posters the whole first floor and the stair ways will go up in flames. I wish there was a way to make them stop.

Daniel Gilbert

LSA freshman

Daily is intolerant, careless insensitive, unprofessional, anti-Palestinian, disgusting

To the Daily:

I find the Daily’s insensitivity and lack of professionalism in its reporting repugnant. Even after repeated efforts by students and organizations on campus to voice their growing discontent and offense to the Daily’s racially inaccurate reporting, it continues to worsen its track record. The article entitled, Israeli Prof. Speaks of difficulties? (11/13/02) seems to follow logically in the Daily’s progression of inciting ads and perjurious editorials against the Palestinian cause. The claims in ads that Palestinians do not exist and editorials slandering pro-Palestinian groups, are now influencing the reporting of events. A Palestinian professor from a Palestinian university now cannot be rightfully identified as such. In accordance with it’s anti-Palestinian impression, the Daily identifies Professor Shikaki, a guest of the University’s political science department, as an Israeli and Bir Zeit University is now located in Israel rather than Ramallah. An honest journalistic misrepresentation? Perhaps. Intolerant, careless and disgusting? Definitely.

Sameer Hossain

LSA senior

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