Do MSA parties even have a platform? Posters are what seem to be focus of campaigns

To the Daily:

Call me a naive little freshman, but walking around campus this week, I see blue and orange posters covering walls, imploring me vote “Blue” or “S1.” Just about every square inch (6.4516 square cm) of sidewalk is occupied with a chalk advertisement for one of these groups. Do these groups have a platform? Right now, it looks to me like there’s some kind of behind-the-scenes competition to see who can spend the most money on posters that contain little more than the name of somebody I presume is a candidate. A candidate for what? It doesn’t say that. Issues? Nope. Relevant information? None to be found.

Somebody suggested that these people are running for the MSA. But at a time when voter apathy is sweeping the nation, the University is no exception. Most of the people I know have never heard of this ‘MSA.’ Whatever happens when election day comes around – whenever that should be, ‘cuz I haven’t seen that, either – you can rest assured that I’ll just hope that people selecting will know what they’re doing

Jim Suits

LSA freshman

Community should applaud ‘U’ for self-imposed sanctions

To the Daily:

I whole-heartedly agree with all of those who are protesting that the punishments imposed by the University are unfair to current basketball players and staffers who weren’t even around when the wrongdoing was committed. Nevertheless, I understand and approve of the self-imposed sanctions. The reason is simple: if we hadn’t done it, the NCAA would have anyway. By doing some of these things voluntarily, President Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin hope to appease the NCAA somewhat. Even so, this will probably just be a slap on the wrist; what the NCAA imposes will be a right hook. Expect a longer post-season ban that includes the Big 10 tournament, longer probation, and scholarship reductions. It’s unfair and it sucks, but that’s what’s going to be. And so we should applaud the University for doing what it can to dampen that impending blow.

Chaim Schramm

LSA freshman

Boycotters’ claims without merit, protesters just want to be ‘more equal’

To the Daily:

I really think many of the claims of “ethnic insensitivity” are without merit. Honestly, the fact that the Daily will meet with those boycotting impresses me. I hope that the Daily doesn’t change a thing because of the boycott. This campus is ultra culturally sensitive enough as it is. I love the Daily; it is obvious that intelligent minds work hard on it. If people don’t want to read it because they have some issues with it, fine with me. That just means that when I go to the stand after noon, it will not yet be empty.

Journalists should be allowed to be journalists. Also, if they boycotters want a “yearly report … on student of color affairs and resources,” they should create one themselves; if we have a yearly report on affairs of students of color, then I want a yearly report on female white student affairs. I’m sick of this definition of “equal,” because it seems that somehow these protesters want to be especially more equal.

Elizabeth Campbell

LSA sophomore

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