Boston Globe covers Men’s Crew Team; Daily doesn’t even mention them

To the Daily:

I have a grudge. In Monday’s Daily, there is an article on the second page of the sports section about the Women’s Crew Team (Blue working on technique, 10/28/02) competing at the Head of the Elk Regatta in Elkhart, Ind. Nowhere in the article, let alone the entire newspaper, is there any mention of the Men’s Crew Team – which also competed in the Regatta this weekend. This is not the first time the Daily has failed to acknowledge the existence of the men’s team.

The Men’s Crew Team, along with Men’s Lacrosse, were supposedly granted “Club Varsity” status about a year ago – which, as I understood it, entitles them to increased press coverage among other things. Isn’t the title across the top of page 2B “Club Sports Weekly?”

On the previous weekend, the Men’s Crew Team (along with the women’s) competed in the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston – an event drawing an estimated 300,000 people. On the front page of the sports section of Monday’s Boston Globe was a picture of the Michigan Men’s eight-oared boat rowing under a bridge during the race with the caption “The Michigan Men’s 8 draws a crowd at the Weeks bridge…”

It truly is sad that a our own school newspaper chooses to ignore the Men’s Crew Team, while the Boston Globe, a paper read by millions nation-wide, prints their picture on the front page of the sports section.

On top of it all, last year the men’s team finished higher at the national championships than did the women’s team – a fully funded, University Varsity program.

The Men’s Crew Team is not asking for much – only recognition. They’re proud to be the team that they are – they’ve come out of nowhere to be one of the most competitive rowing teams in the country. Each athlete pays upwards of $1200 just to be on the team and to tell you the truth, it feels great to beat the crap out of fully funded Varsity men’s teams that give full-ride scholarships, have multi-million dollar boathouses and can pay their coaches a salary that doesn’t place them in an income bracket near the poverty line.

Please show these Michigan athletes the respect they deserve.

Mike Christianson

Engineering senior

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