Daily’s choice not to endorse Petering for ‘U’ Regent outright ‘hilarious’

To the Daily:

It is outright hilarious that the Daily has chosen not to endorse me for University Regent! I am Matt Petering, the student candidate for Regent who was endorsed by The Detroit News on Oct. 17. I might be the first student candidate ever to receive a major news endorsement for Board of Regents. And I can’t even get an endorsement from my own paper, the Daily?

This is ridiculous! It’s ridiculous because I’ve been reaching out to the community more than any other candidate in my race. I’m the only candidate who’s been to a Michigan Student Assembly meeting.

I’m the only candidate who’s been to a Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (faculty government) meeting. I’ve been to more Regents’ meetings (three) than any of my competitors, except incumbent Andrea Fisher Newman. I’m the only candidate who tells it like it is and has the guts to take a stand for students. At the Sept. 19 meeting, I told President Coleman and the top executives of the University that, “Funds must be shifted away from administration and back to teaching.”

No other candidate has been that boldly honest. I love the University of Michigan and I want it to be the best it can be. I worked previously as a cryptologic mathematician at the National Security Agency. Clearly, I’m ready and qualified to be Regent.

Is the Daily ready to have me as the next Regent of the University of Michigan? Maybe not, but the rest of the student body is.

Matt Petering

School of Education The letter writer is a Green Party candidate for the University Board of Regents

Quantity of ‘asinine’ resolutions passed makes MSA irrelevant

To the Daily:

Sarah Boot and Dana Glassel were partially right when they said the resolution to support the Daily boycott does not make the Michigan Student Assembly “irrelevant” (MSA executives clarify Daily boycott resolution, 10/29/02).

What really showed how “irrelevant” MSA is was the fact that they passed not one, but five asinine resolutions in one meeting!

If Glassel and Boot are looking for more useless things to vote on perhaps they could vote to support the continued use of the block M as the University’s logo.

Joel Wollborg

Engineering senior

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