MSA disregards students” concerns on campaigning

To the Daily:

I believe that the point of a student government is to represent the student body and to support and stand firmly behind what they want and need. The Michigan Student Assembly has claimed that they want to be an involved and important part of not only the University but also the world that we live in. But on Jan. 30 they showed their true colors by rejecting the proposal to punish their candidates violating University Housing policy. MSA representatives are voted into office with the trust of the student body and are then held responsible to represent student beliefs and ideas. They are chosen because of their strong sense of commitment and their passion for fighting for what they believe is right and just.

I find it very offensive that they are able to blatantly disregard the concerns of almost 10,000 members of their student body and reject a proposal that is obviously important to many. Residents have expressed their discontent with status quo and MSA candidates inability to adhere to already set forth rules. When many resident doors have been posted with “no solicitation” signs and the cry has been heard for years to end the constant knocking and badgering, MSA will still not stop and listen to what their students are trying to tell them. What kind of student government ignores the cry of their peers and is even unable to abide by set university rules? MSA needs to start with their own campus and the needs of their own students before they reach out to solve other problems.

Clarissa Khouri

LSA sophomore

Buster Poindexter portrayal was “inappropriate”

To the Daily:

I couldn”t tell if Chris Kula”s and Christian Hoard”s article/list titled “Afro-Caribbean inspired pop songs rule during 80″s” in the Feb. 5 Daily was humorous or not. Either way it lacked some details on Buster Poindexter, whose song “Hot, Hot, Hot” was number ten on the list.

Buster Poindexter is the alter-ego of David Johansen. And Johansen”s career has been nothing short of prolific. He is mostly known as the lead vocalist in New York”s early “70s proto-punk band, the New York Dolls. The Dolls” influence on music is noteworthy.

It wasn”t so much putting his song on the list, it was referring to his role in “Scrooged” as what he is best known for without mentioning the relevance of his entire music career. I can appreciate Kula and Hoard”s attempt at humor and wit in the article, but wit fails when it appears to be misinformed. Whether Kula and Hoard were aware of this misrepresentation or not, it was inappropriate.

Aaron Nemec

Art and Design senior

Administration”s efforts to reduce “U” emissions inadequate

To the Daily:

The Daily”s article on Feb. 1 titled “Alumni ask for reduced gas emissions” fails to mention a key point: The administration has not indicated any willingness to agree to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to “7 percent below its estimated 990 levels by the year 2012,” as requested by the Michigan Alumni for Global Warming Action. The Sustainable University of Michigan Team, a student-led initiative to move the University toward increased environmental and social responsibility, has been asking administrators to join leading universities by agreeing to these reductions for more than two years.

The standard responses have ranged from “we don”t know out 1990 emissions” to “it”s too expensive” to “our campus has grown so much that its impossible.” However, a growing number of countries, cities, companies and universities have moved beyond excuses and into action, by committing to these serious greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Students, staff, faculty and now alumni have made it clear that the University has the responsibility and ability to reduce our campus” contribution to global warming. Yet the administration has failed to respond on such basic issues as providing free bus passes to students (faculty and staff already receive this) and including the Medical and Athletic campuses in energy efficient programs. The Daily”s article leads readers to believe that the University is doing all that it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is not true. While the efforts the Daily cites have merit, they fall far short of a comprehensive, committed effort to reduce emissions. Our campus deserves more.

Mike Shriberg

SNRE graduate student

The writer submitted the letter on behalf of The Sustainable University of Michigan Team, of which he is a member.

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