Caption inappropriately makes light of crucifixion

To the Daily:

Perusing Monday’s paper before my inevitable battle with
the crossword in my morning lecture, I decided to check out the
review of “The Passion of Christ” (Celluloid
, 3/1/04). What I found was unexpected.

Staring me in the face below a picture of a bloodied Jesus
struggling to carry his cross is the caption “Thank you sir,
may I have another!” Are you kidding me? To call this a poor
attempt at wit is an understatement. Far from a bold joke, this is
just unnecessarily offensive.

Am I a devout Christian? No. Yet, nonetheless, I sincerely hope
that whoever created that caption hasn’t seen Gibson’s
film yet, which is basically a two-hour documented torture.
Regardless of if one believes Jesus to be the son of God, a prophet
or just a man, trivializing that scene is inappropriate.

To say the least, it strips away any legitimacy the ensuing
article by Zach Mabee may have garnered. Sorry, you just
can’t describe the movie as “an unmatched creative mode
for the depiction of suffering and struggle” when you just
equated Jesus’ infamous struggle to bear the instrument of
his own death through the streets with a scene from “Animal

I had the memorable experience of watching “The Passion of
Christ” last night and was taken aback by the brutal reality
of Jesus’s torture, which dominated the film. As I left, I
passed people who could not leave their seats, people who were
brought to tears by such a horrifying portrayal of the execution of
a man whom their faith is based on.

The Daily did those people a disservice. When did it become
acceptable to mock a religious icon in such a sophomoric way? How
can you claim that “this grand sacrifice deserves candid and
revealing consideration” in reference to Christ’s
torture and mock it at the same time?

I am disappointed. The Daily, like it or not, represents our
school and its students. Today, with this caption, you made us look
ignorant and hypocritical.

John Mittlebach

LSA junior


State wolverine sighting a welcome sign

To the Daily:

It is wonderful that we have a confirmed sighting of a the
wolverine in our beautiful state. Finally we can take that asterisk
away from our mascot (i.e. “WOOOO, Go Michigan
Wolverines!*” *There have been no wolverines in the state of
Michigan for the last 200 years.).

But I hope the Department of Natural Resources is taking this
seriously. My grandaddy always said, “Wolverines today,
Spartans tomorrow,” and I pale at the thought of Spartans
roaming the state freely and turning vast numbers of the population
into helots. Next thing you know, everyone in Ann Arbor is hiding
behind long wooden walls connecting us with Ypsilanti!

Franciszek Hasiuk


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