Daily has contradictory, wrong editorial precedent

To the Daily:

I am writing in reference to the editorial entitled “111 years of editorial freedom.” (2/4/02) The last paragraph of this editorial perplexed me.

If I understand the author correctly, The Michigan Daily is for killing children, but not murderers and yet it won”t give people the right to defend themselves. It likes the fact that people have jobs, but has no respect or gratitude for the people who provide these jobs. Finally, it likes civil liberties and human rights as long as they do not apply to the wealthy, the unborn, or the people who make full use of the Bill of Rights.

I also find it interesting that given these contradictory ideas, the Daily takes it as a sign that it is right when people rise up to challenge it.

In fact, I am certain that you think this letter fully justifies all of your beliefs.

J.F. Dolder


The hilarity abounds every single day on page four

To the Daily:

First, I would like to applaud the Daily and Editorial Page Editor Johanna Hanink in particular for finally stating publicly its stance of completely ignoring student opinion and supporting a faulty quasi-Socialist ideal (though all Socialist ideals are quite faulty). Yesterday, the Daily did nothing but help garner support for the groups that oppose its views (“111 years of editorial freedom,” 2/4/02). Thank you. You have now stated your editorial opinion (as is your wont, being an editorial publication) and promptly alienated any sensible students on this campus. Now students know to turn to page four for their day-to-day hilarity there is nary a more comical thought than completely close-minded “progressives.”

Second, I wish you the best of luck in publishing editorials on the evils of the Drinking Age, tyranny of the Ann Arbor Police Department, virtues of the Green Party and any other ridiculous cause that strikes you in your ivory tower on Maynard Street. Meanwhile, the rest of this campus will be using the Daily to line its respective hamster cages. Thanks for the laughs, folks!

Ruben Duran

Engineering sophomore

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