“Nipple-cam” shows unprofessionalism, lack of taste

To the Daily:

Thanks for producing one of the best college newspapers in the nation. I normally enjoy reading the Daily and catching up on world events.

I did not, however, appreciate the photo on the front page of Tuesday”s Daily (“Needlework”). The photo, featuring some guy getting a tattoo across his chest, has no place on the front page of the newspaper.

While I hold nothing against those who have tattoos, is this really the image that we want to publish to the world? Not to mention the fact that this paper featured the farewell honors for our departing president what an issue for him to have to archive!

The picture, while I feel its content too unseemly, could have even been better taken.

We certainly didn”t need the photo artist to use the “nipple-cam” approach to his subject I really did not want to wake up to see some guy with two little bullet things in there as a piercing.

In general, I found the picture distasteful. Furthermore, I am sure that it would have been relatively easy to find a picture of someone getting a tattoo on his/her arm or something like that, if the photographer was really bent on getting a tattooist on the front page.

Maybe this picture would have been more appropriate for the Arts or Weekend, Etc. pages of the Daily.

James Dale

LSA junior

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