Raiji unfairly turns affirmative action into black, white issue

To the Daily:

Once again I am baffled. I just don”t get it and I need the enlightenment of our omnipotent white community. I pose this question: If the use of race in admissions benefited whites (the majority race) would you still be against it?

Affirmative action is not a black and white issue as many people, including Manish Raiji (“The liberal right turn,” 12/5/01) would lead you to believe. The University is 26 percent minority and only 7 percent of the enrollment is black. Is this a false sense of diversity? Every affirmative action law I have read has said “under-represented minority” not “poor black people.” Native Americans, Hispanics, Africans, Asians all people of color are benefited by affirmative action. The only thing that is missing is white, so I guess that makes it unlawful. And what is the meaning of unlawful.

Is it the slaughter and genocide of millions of Native Americans? Is it the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of Africans? Is it the enactment of legal segregation? Is it the systematic prosecution and execution of many innocent Hispanics and Blacks?

Many people would like to forget that these things ever happened in the United States but they are as much a part of America today as they ever were. People say that the only people that benefit from affirmative action are the upper- class blacks and other minorities, well let me assure everyone that is highly untrue. And how do you think some of those upper-class people got to where they are today? Affirmative action allows many people the opportunity to break the cycle and better themselves. The children of upper-class minorities only show more reason to continue the policy, not stop it. Or is the attitude “hey-they seem to be benefiting. Quick let”s stop it before more minorities are doing better!”

I have to say that these lawsuits, to me, are just one more addition in the long line of white people doing things that benefit other white people. If white people think for one second that a person of color is going to benefit from something and a white person won”t the proverbial shit will hit the fan. This is a lawsuit about selfishness, shame, and fear.

Things in this country have never been fair or lawful if your skin is not white. And now white people have what some of you see as an “unlawful and unfair” pill to swallow. Well ask some of your “diversified” student body how to swallow it. We”ve been doing it for hundreds of years. (Also let me personally apologize to Raiji and his med school-bound friend. I am sorry if your friend doesn”t get into medical school. If it would help, next time you can tell him to call me. I”ll introduce him to my family. I”ll take him to my family reunion in Mississippi. There”s tons of black folks there. That”ll get him in for sure.)

Kenya Hunter

LSA sophomore

Raiji”s column deserves high praise

To the Daily:

I applaud Manish Raiji for his column (“The liberal right turn” 12/5/01) examining the real problem that affirmative action was created to fix: A lack of opportunity in higher education for those not up to the “upper-middle-class” level of most students at the University. This being a serious problem, there should be a program to combat this, but blindly giving out points based on ethnicity is not the best way to go about it. Instead, it is the simplest way it”s easy for an admissions officer to give a few points based simply on skin color. If they needed to throw financial hardship and quality of inner-city high schools into the mix, that would be somewhat more difficult. God forbid that those who design and implement our admissions policies be faced with a little hardship of their own, but if we have an affirmative admissions policy, then it should “level the playing field” as it was designed to do, not simply deny a non-minority student who may have gone to the same high school and grown up in the same middle-class town as the equally qualified minority student accepted in his place.

I, too, hope that the University loses this trial, not because I want our diversity to suffer diversity in and of itself is a very worthwhile goal but because diversity should be achieved by giving all prospective students, no matter what their racial, geographical and financial backgrounds, an equal chance. No longer should the University use diversity as an excuse to explain away openly racist admissions policies.

John Harvey

Engineering sophomore

Editorial cartoon “very offensive”

To the Daily:

I would just like to let the Daily know that I found Chip Cullen”s editorial cartoon about Israeli and Palestinian relations yesterday very offensive. I don”t find any humor in the situation of a country that is being torn apart by violence. I find no humor in the constant loss of life due to this situation. I feel that if innocent Americans were murdered daily, your paper would not publish such cartoons about devastating crisis in the United States. There were no jokes being made three months ago after America”s tragedy, and I don”t think it is appropriate to mock the situations of other countries.

Oren Goldenberg

LSA freshman

Daily squelches Palestinian views

To the Daily:

Can the Daily please be a little more bias toward supporting Israel”s position in regard to the Palestinian-Israeli issue? Can you please be more sure that we never read about the Palestinian deaths in the West Bank, Gaza, and in Israel? Can you please ensure we never see pictures of dead Palestinians and crying mothers? Can you please be more certain that we never use the word occupation to describe the realities of the Palestinians? Can you please enforce hate against Palestinians by never writing about their tragedies and deaths? Can you please never report on the demolished homes and blockades in the roads Palestinians have to deal with every day?

Please do not ever write about these truths and realities, it may make you seem objective, unpatriotic and supportive of terrorists.

Alma Khasawnih

SNRE senior

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