Contrary to Daily article, most Muslims oppose bombing

To the Daily:

Jeremy Berkowitz”s article “Ramadan takes on new significance as war rages” in Nov. 15th”s Daily misrepresents the feelings of American Muslims towards the slaughter of Afghanis by the United States (“Ramadan takes on new significance as war rages”). Berkowitz would have us believe that most Muslims are rallying behind the flag and brainlessly cheering on the most powerful and richest nation in history as it ravages one of the poorest.

Even the anti-war quote in Berkowitz”s article implies that Muslims want the U.S. to stop the bombing only during Ramadan, and that is only so the “the United States would get more respect from the rest of the world.” There is not even the slightest hint of Muslims” true feelings, that the terrorizing of a whole population and the destruction of their country”s infrastructure on the pretext of “hunting down” a select few individuals is inexcusable, no matter how much the media assures us to the contrary.

In Berkowitz”s reality, the majority of Muslims “recognize the need for America”s actions” and support the bombing. This is simply not true. Most Muslims strongly oppose the bombing of Afghanistan because it is morally abhorrent. There is never any justification for killing civilians anywhere, be it in New York or Afghanistan. Muslims do not need Berkowitz or the Daily to put words in their mouths when they are the exact opposite of what they are saying.

Aazaz Haq LSA freshman

Wisconsin security harassed students

To the Daily:

I”m writing this because I think it should be known the atrocities that Michigan students at Saturday”s football game in Madison faced. Countless Michigan students were forcefully dragged out of the bleachers and a few taken down to the ground and handcuffed and then tossed out of the stadium.

Were they fighting or being violent? No. Were they taunting anyone? Not anymore than we were being taunted ourselves. These students were tossed out of the game … for simply standing up. The Wisconsin security claimed we were “disrupting the flow of the game” by standing up to support our team. Who the hell doesn”t stand up at a football game? This rule became even more baffling when we could all turn around and see numerous Wisconsin fans on their feet and going unharassed by the security officers. Not to mention across the way it was easy to spot the entire Wisconsin student section on their feet.

If Wisconsin was so against us standing up during the game, perhaps next time they should think twice about sticking us on the goal line behind a big red fence. And so, on behalf of all students in Madison this weekend, I would like to say that the Wisconsin athletic department can kiss my ass. Some schools just don”t know how to lose.

Idan Langberg Engineering sophomore

Bombing during Ramadan is a really

To the Daily:

In response to Eric Moberg”s comments in Friday”s Daily: I am a member of the University”s Army ROTC program. When I graduate I will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and will go onto active duty. I consider serving my fellow countrymen to be the highest of honors. It is hardly “an absurd waste of time,” as Moberg claims it to be.

I did not join ROTC to repel or rock climb. ROTC is not a mere extracurricular. It is a career. When we commit ourselves to this path, we take an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution, with sweat, blood, and our very lives if need be. I didn”t join it for the money, although that is what makes it possible for myself and others to afford the high costs of attending this fine university. I joined because I have a great love for the United States of America, and I want to spend my life in service to the nation and my fellow man. I wish to make the country and the world a better place. While I abhor unnecessary violence, it is undeniable that there are times when we must resort to force. This fact has been aptly demonstrated in recent months. We must always stand with a ready sword against those that seek to destroy us.

Moberg”s comments do not show even a casual understanding of what ROTC is about. Moberg claims that our presence on campus “damages the academic integrity of this university.” Just how many times have military exercises disrupted Moberg”s studies? In the single semester that he has been a student here, how many tests has he failed because of ROTC interference?

Moberg went on to claim that, “ROTC propaganda and publicity distracts attention from other legitimate political, social, and academic organizations.” This statement is almost as ridiculous as the first. My fellow cadets go about their duties with no fanfare, little recognition, and almost no respect. Nor do we need it. We don”t desire or demand attention. We simply want to go about our duties and lives in peace, just like any other student. In the three years I have been at the University, I have seen almost no positive attention given to our program.

Moberg also claims that “ROTC promotes a spirit of conformity in dress and attitude that is not appropriate here.” We are not conformists simply because we volunteer to proudly wear our nation”s uniform. We are men and women of all races and cultures, or all religions and ideologies. We are an organization that cares about ability, not background.

The bottom line is that ROTC, and by extension the U.S. military, is a vital part of our nation. We could not survive without it. The world remains a lethal place. The belief that we could get along without a military is admirable, but hopelessly nave . ROTC provides the leadership for America”s primary line of defense.

You calls us discriminatory. You call us violent. You call us baby-killers and warmongers. Go right ahead. That is your right as an American. A right fully enjoyed by precious few nations. Voltaire once wrote that, “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.” I could not agree more. ROTC is all about defending your rights as an American. So, please, continue to exercise those privileges. Just remember that while you are using them to kick dirt in our faces, we are standing in harm”s way, ready to defend you and your rights at any cost.

Kyle Goodridge LSA junior

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