ROTC promotes conformity, damages integrity of “U”

To the Daily:

While I respect students who participate in the ROTC program as individuals and I respect their decision to enter this program, I am disheartened by the excessive publicity and reverence that the University and the Daily give them “Reserve Officers” Training Corps,” 11/15/01).

Shining one”s boots and wearing flashy uniforms is not only an absurd waste of time, but also damages the academic integrity of this university. The ROTC promotes a spirit of conformity in dress and attitude that is not appropriate here.

Also, it is unfortunate that ROTC propaganda and publicity distracts attention from other legitimate political, social, and academic organizations. Apart from money, the ROTC offers nothing that cannot be found elsewhere at the University. For example, students wishing to repel, rock climb and practice leadership skills should explore the many other options at the University.

The University should keep openly discriminatory and violent organizations like the ROTC at arm”s length and should not allow them to use the Michigan seal or student mailing lists to distribute propaganda and recruitment literature.

Eric Moberg

LSA freshman

Daily headlines “appeal to ignorance and prejudice”

To the Daily:

The Michigan Daily”s use of the term “racial preferences” in the headline of the recent article (“DAAP aims to fight for racial preferences,” 11/06/01) about our party”s bid for student government was uncalled for. The editors of the Daily know well that the term “racial preferences” to mean affirmative action is an effort to mislead people. This term is used only by those who wish to deceive and to undo the progress we have made toward integration and equality in education and the professions.

First, the actual “racial preferences” that configure life and opportunity in our educational system and in our nation are not affirmative action measures they are white privilege, racist segregation and inequality and discrimination against black and other minority people.

Second, affirmative action policies also counter the sexism of this society, but because the opponents of affirmative action wish mainly to appeal to racist sentiment and racist fears, you will never hear them refer to “gender preferences,” or “reverse sexism.”

Third, as is true in the University undergraduate affirmative action admissions policy, socio-economic hardship can (and should) be taken into account by affirmative action. You will never hear the opponents of affirmative action speak of “class preferences” or of “unqualified poor people.”

The Daily”s headline writers should not use inaccurate terms designed to appeal to ignorance and prejudice.

Agnes Aleobua

Ben Royal

LSA juniors

The letter writers are members of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and Integration and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary and the Defend Affirmative Action Party.

Twins embody everything wothwhile about baseball

To the Daily:

I haven”t been able to decide whether Bud Selig is the most obtuse man on Earth when it comes to public relations, or if he is bent on destroying the sport of baseball for his own reasons. Either way, he has done an impressive job of compromising the luster of one of the great World Series. Immediately after Game 7, there was Selig, talking about contraction. I can”t weep too many tears if the Expos go they may need to be put out of their misery. As for the Marlins and the Devil Rays, I don”t understand why both of these teams exist in the first place. But the Minnesota Twins?

The Twins are a team with a great history going back over 100 years to their time as the Washington Senators. Granted, they aren”t the Yankees, but they have won two World Series in the last 15 years. They also have a good fan base, and even contended for a substantial portion of this year. I have fond memories of both the 1987 and the 1991 champion Twins teams, particularly Kirby Puckett single-handedly winning Game 6 of the 1991 Series.

I”ve been reading about the financial woes of baseball for a long time, but why should a franchise like the Twins be sacrificed to the greed and short-sightedness of baseball”s owners? Share the freakin” revenue! Have you ever heard of the NFL?

If the Twins are eliminated, I will never watch another baseball game again, and I will maintain to my dying day that the sport sucks.

Jesse Jannetta


MSA hopefuls should be punished for true “offenses”

To the Daily:

The Daily”s editorial staff refers to the disqualification of two Blue Party candidates as the “break-in” scandal (“They”re losers: Childish student government campaign scandals persist at “U,”” 11/13/01). With this description, it appears that the Daily, as well as MSA, may be mistaken as to the true culprit in this situation: The Department of Public Safety. The Blue Party members claim to have “entered the Dennison Building through unlocked doors.”

If the doors were indeed unlocked, then there cannot have been any break-in furthermore, it is unreasonable to expect the candidates to have realized that their presence in an unlocked building might violate any rules.

I, for one, am inclined to believe the candidates when they say the doors were unlocked. I work in the Dennison Building often late at night and often on weekends when the building is officially closed and when DPS is in charge of locking the doors. I would estimate that DPS fails to lock the doors to the Dennison Building more than half the time. On each of the past four Sundays, and several weeknights, I or one of my colleagues, concerned for our own safety, has had to call DPS to remind them to lock the doors. Given the events of the past months, such negligence on the part of those charged with our security is both serious and abhorrent.

Don”t get me wrong I”m all for the disqualification of numerous candidates for the upcoming MSA elections. But I”d rather see such punishment come in response to behavior that is actually offensive (e.g. the posting of campaign ads that request my vote in exchange for a pun involving the candidate”s surname).

Matthew Walker


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