MSA candidates need to follow residence hall solicitation rules

To the Daily:

The rights of students have been hurt by the very organization that represents them, as shown in the article, “Campaigning Amendments defeated at MSA meeting,” (1/31/01).

With the Michigan Student Assembly”s defeat of an amendment that reprimands candidates for not following the University Housing Community Living Standards solicitation policy, they disrespect the guidelines of the very residents they represent. It is unwise to anger student constituents by violating the rules of the very people who put MSA in office.

I would not vote for a candidate that knocks on my door at 1 a.m. to disturb either my sleep or homework. This is the same as political candidates soliciting your parents” home at 1 a.m. The residence halls are home for almost 10,000 students.

Citizens would not vote for such a nuisance. Student government is supposed to protect the rights of its constituents and not ignore the rules that promote their own bureaucracy. If MSA wants support from the residence halls, it must follow the standards of that community.

In addition, in Article II of the MSA Constitution, MSA is to “enact campus-wide regulations governing the conduct of its elections, campaigns and related activity.” By ignoring the established housing policy of the residence halls and not punishing people who break these rules, MSA is violating its Constitution and promise to the students. Students have already shown their dislike for excessive campaigning by posting “No Solicitation” signs on their doors.

To continue to show that residents are important to the MSA and the Michigan Community, the University-established housing policy should be respected by all.

Amy Ament

LSA junior

Engineers know “absolutely nothing” about basketball

To the Daily:

Upon reading Jeffrey Lev”s uninformative letter to the editor, (“Daily should remove Goodstein”s pencil, test sports skills,” 2/2/00) I have come to the conclusion that Engineering students know absolutely nothing about basketball. Somewhere along the line when reading Raphael Goodstein”s sports column, Lev dozed off and made up his own version of what he was saying.

Clearly Lev has shown that what he said was accurate since he”s resorted to the classic “let”s see you pick up a ball” retort.

I agree with Lev that the wins over Iowa and Indiana were great but that still doesn”t make up for the fact that we are still sub .500. By the way, don”t use the Illinois game as an example in the future.

Yeah, maybe we should”ve won that game had the officiating been better, but that still doesn”t account for Blanchard and Robinson hitting 44 of our 51 points, our 34 percent field goal average and our 61 percent free throw average. I don”t know about you, but in Ann Arbor, you can”t win like that. Oh yeah, I also love how Lev has labeled Charlie Bell as a loser. Granted he is from Michigan State, but I do believe he has won more than anyone on this Michigan team can attest to. He will undoubtedly be in the NBA, so his comments do have validity and since he is the one out there playing against us and not you, then I will take his opinion over yours any day.

It”s nice to see that Lev is still rooting for Michigan, because I am too and there are very few of us out there, but by attacking a Daily writer, who is there to express his opinion and in this case, a very valid opinion, that shows that Lev is just as frustrated as those “bandwagon jumpers” that he mentioned.

This team has a long way to go before it gets back to the promise of yesteryear, but we need to find someone to take us there and that person isn”t Brian Ellerbe, which, I do believe, was Goodstein”s point.

There is no arguing that this team doesn”t have talent. Queen is probably one of the best point guard potentials I”ve seen in a while and Moore will be a great presence when he improves on his post moves and the refs stop dogging him. However, they won”t get better unless they have proper motivation and right now, that isn”t happening.

Jason Roover

LSA junior

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