Someone needed to valorize the working class heroes

To the Daily:

Thanks to Manish Raiji (“America”s New Love Affair,” 11/7/01) from econ students everywhere for showing that our major does have some pizazz. Only Raiji could put Alan Greenspan, Vera Wang and the sexy early “90s Diet Coke guy in the same column and pull it off. The glamorization of the true working class was well framed. I hope that the people buying those $800 overalls get the irony.

Jennifer Bixley

LSA sophomore

MSA could be run by poo-flinging monkeys

To the Daily:

Ever since I arrived at the University in 1999, I always had the opinion that the Michigan Student Assembly was simply a springboard for tomorrow”s Dan Quayle”s and George W”s. After attending an MSA meeting last night, I realized that I was only partly correct. I stood outside of the crowded MSA room while the procedings were going on, and was shocked, no let me say disgusted, at what I saw. As brave women stood in front of these “representatives” speaking out against sexual violence on campus and the need for MSA to take action on this issue, I was horrified to see people rolling their eyes, snickering, passing notes and then pointing at people seated on the Defend Affirmative Action Party side of the room and then snickering again. These same people snickered as people spoke out against the chalking attacks against DAAP representative Jessica Curtin.

The focal point of this arrogance seemed to be a Young Republican kid, who not only acted as if the meeting were taking up his precious stock assessment time, but was actually reading what appeared to be a Forbes magazine. Seated next to this compassionate conservative was a sorority poster-girl, in full uniform I may add, who seemed to have a smirk/grimace pasted across her face the entire time. Not to mention that she was knitting throughout the proceedings, pausing only to mutter a secretive comment to Mr. Forbes in that permanent smirk that has burned itself into my mind.

My point is not to draw attention to these people particularly, but rather that they were the most obvious in their disdain for anything having to do with the prevention of sexual violence, while similar but no less condescending looks were cast across the room every second. As a member (but not a spokesman) of Men Against Violence Against Women, what I saw deeply disturbed me.

But back to my original point, the only people who even remotely seemed to be actually interested in bettering the University, or even simply doing anything about sexualized violence, were the DAAP and friends, who actually seemed to give a darn about people on this campus, imagine that! Whereas much of the rest of MSA could have been replaced with doped-up lab monkeys, secretely whisked away from the dark halls of a hospital and dressed in human clothing to “represent” the student population. And you know what? No one would have noticed! Except that maybe the monkeys would fling poo instead of condescending looks.

So in conclusion, my fine friends at the University, when you vote this coming election, please, don”t do as we all did in high school and vote for the cool kid, or the really pretty girl you know. And just as important, don”t allow people who simply want to pad their cushy resums exploit you and your vote, reject these people. If you feel strongly about an issue, please vote in support of that issue, but if you don”t, don”t allow yourself to be used by people who care nothing for you or your university community.

Reject resum representatives!

Benjamin Osborne

LSA senior

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