Political parties have same goals, different ideas to achieve them

To the Daily:

In the few weeks since I”ve come to this University and started reading the Daily, I have disagreed with the editors often I”ve even thought some of their views were simply not well-reasoned. However, I have never been offended enough by any statements made to write a letter. Ari Paul”s Nov. 2 In Passing changed that (“Republicans at their worst”). While one may disagree with another”s point of view, to call it “disgusting, selfish and repugnant” without understanding it is patently irresponsible.

If Paul took the time to listen to some of those who thought differently than he did, he would understand why Republicans stand in opposition to “big government”: We simply believe that individual people can generally spend their money better than large institutions, which come under pressure from many directions. There are no hidden agendas in that there”s no cynical protection of political goals at the cost of the common good (some people are exceptions, of course, but such people exist in the Democratic Party, too). Does it occur to Paul that Republicans might be concerned about criticisms of anti-terror legislation because they genuinely are worried about protecting our national security? I disagree with some of the legislation myself, but see DeLay”s and Armey”s and others”, points of view.

As for the Republican Party being “guilty of being hypocritical,” I would like to ask Paul to point to just one large organization of people that hasn”t at times been hypocritical all organizations represent people of vastly different views and therefore change policy as power changes hands. Like Democrats, Republican individuals in general want nothing more than to improve the lives of the people of this country we just have differing ideas about how to do so.

Josh LaVigne

LSA freshman

Don”t take cheap shots on differing views

To the Daily:

I would like to comment on the viewpoint “Anti-choice terrorism” (10/31/01), written by Katrina Mann. Please, let”s not be petty. It”s not right to take cheap shots at a differing viewpoint, just because you disagree with it. I would hope that no matter what side of the argument Mann”s viewpoints lie, she would recognize that not all “anti-choice”/”pro-life” proponents are terroristic psychos calling for death to all “pro-choice”/”anti-life” providers, nor are they all going to drive a vehicle around displaying graphic pictures of mutilated fetuses/babies.

Let”s be serious. Just because some people claiming Islam as their religion attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, no one believes that Muslims inheritently want to kill all Americans. Also, even though some supporters of affirmative action scream their viewpoints from the steps of the Grad library, we don”t automatically assume that all of the supporters of affirmative action are like this.

Just because the viewpoint of “anti-choice”/”pro-life” isn”t popular, doesn”t mean you should demonize it. I”ll grant you that recently (as far as I know) there hasn”t been a very good rep around to give educated opinions on the “anti-choice”/”pro-life” viewpoints, but then neither has their been an educated discussion of the “anti-life”/”pro-choice” viewpoint. (I do not view Mann”s viewpoint as educated or a discussion). I myself would be interested to hear a civic debate on the issue, so I can see a much wider picture of the issue in whole.

On the topic, I don”t really think that Mann, as an advocate of “pro-choice”/”anti-life” you really should be telling the world exactly what the “anti-choice”/”pro-life” believes in regards to the mother and her mental and physical health as you really aren”t a qualified representative with the best concerns of the said platform in mind. Now I also would agree that the terroristic acts should stop immediately, and that the gunning down of abortion providers is defiantly wrong, but I”m sure that a true person who views himself/herself as “pro-life” would also. So please, let”s not be petty.

Sarah Springsteen

LSA freshman

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