Music fan fulfills duty, critiques Daily”s Pledge tour review

To the Daily:

As a student who is a fan of most of the bands that appeared at Van Andel Arena Sunday night, I feel it is my duty to write this letter. I don”t know what concert was reviewed by the Daily (“Danger and porno enhance Pledge tour,” 10/10/01), but it was not the same one I saw.

First of all, Rammstein did not even make the ticket for that night! So if they never took the stage, how then could they have “brought flames and fun to the Grand Rapids venue?”

In addition, the second opener “American Head Charge” was completely omitted and when you try to review a concert, please do everyone a favor and at least get the names of the songs right. Also, try not to stereotypically describe all the fans there as “overly anguished teens” if the concert would have been truly reviewed, you would have seen a crowd as diverse as the University”s campus.

A final thought, instead of headlining “danger and porno” try focusing on the real highlights of the Slipknots show an unbelievable pyrotechnic and hydraulic set and a uniting message that we can all learn from.

P.S. Try taking real pictures from the Pledge tour, not Ozzfest.

Nicholas Warack

LSA freshman

“When has GEO ever cared about students?”

To the Daily:

I agree with some points of Alyssa Picard”s letter regarding English language testing for international GSIs (“GEO: English Language tests racist,” 11/1/01). It is unfair that “white” foreign English speakers aren”t tested. All foreign GSIs (and hell, American GSIs as well) should be tested for English. This is a fair requirement that if they want to teach at an American, English-speaking university, they should speak the language! This notion is not racist it is a matter of learning.

I doubt I”m the only one who had a hard time understanding a word of foreign GSIs in their pathetic attempt to speak English when conducting a discussion section. I always thought, how in the hell are these people allowed to teach if they can”t even communicate. It is not fair to the students, but when has the Graduate Employees Organization ever cared about the students they teach anyway?

Well, if I had a crystal ball, I”d imagine GEO would grow cranky over a number of issues and go on strike again. This time, I hope that the University administration has enough testicular fortitude to pull a Reagan and fire them all.

Students ask yourself this: Are GSIs even necessary anyway?

When they went on strike last time, did we really lose out having our discussion sections cancelled?

Bottom line: The students deserve to have GSIs that communicate in clear English. No exceptions.

David Taub


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